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Get ready for 2021 !
December 15, 2020

Have you written your goals?

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"GOALS - There's no telling what you can do when you get inspired by them. There's no telling what you can do when you believe in them. There's no telling what will happen when you act upon them" ~ Jim Rohn. America's Foremost Business Philosopher

These next 2 weeks are important

The days and weeks leading up to a new year incredibly powerful. This is the perfect time to be planning your goals.

Following are reasons why to plan for 2021 starting now:

1 - HAVE A DEADLINE - This is one of the best motivators for getting stuff done -Set December 31st as the date you will be ready with your 2021 goals. I drafted mine last week and will continue to refine them between now and then.

2 - WELCOME 2021 WITH OPEN ARMS - Lets face it. We all know that 2020 really sucked with COVID. Lost jobs. Lost time with family and friends. Lost travel. Fewer times eating out. Working from home. With the vaccines coming next year, it's time to start breaking mentally free of the chains that held you back in 2020. This summer (hopefully sooner) things will start to get back to normal!!

3 - IT'S A NEW START - Regardless of how well you did or didn't do in 2020, there is nothing better than a new beginning to feel like it's okay to hit your RESET button and start fresh. Consider 2021 as the first full year of this decade (I know, 2020 was too).

4 - HUGE OPPORTUNITIES AHEAD - It is generally expected that there will be massive opportunities following this pandemic. The "Roaring twenties" followed a pandemic. Opportunities to make money, make friends, improve your health, travel, invest and establish the foundation for your future.

I've never been more excited about the future than RIGHT NOW. If you're not feeling this way, that's okay. You will. Everyone is in a different stage of life and experience.

Just know that you have the ability to change your life for the better!! Writing down your Life Goals is a great way to stay focused on what is important.

You don't need to be obsessed with goals. I'm not. I set goals and sometimes forget about them for a period of time. But I always come back to them. Subconsciously your goals will be at work.

Buy the 100 Life Goals Book and change someone's life!

Here are the Top 10 Reasons to Buy this Book!

1. The book is a great way to introduce someone you love (including yourself) to self-help books and life goals!

2. You can break away from the majority of people who never purchase a book after they graduate. My number one recommended life goal is to study and read self-help books, as this will provide you with the knowledge and inspiration to achieve your Life Goals.

3. There is space for you at the end of each goal, to write your own personalized goals, both Your Target Goal (YTG), and your Outrageous Goal.

4. You can take this book with you to read anywhere you choose, versus needing a computer or mobile device and internet connection to read from this 100 Goals Club site.

5. Having this book at home either on your bedside table or on your book shelf, will be a friendly reminder for you to read the book and write out your goals.

6. You will be able to underline key topics and ideas in the book which resonate with you which you can easily go back on and "speed read" all the topics you thought were important on your prior reads.

7. A portion of all book sale proceeds will be given to charity. See my giving back section.

8. Many people prefer the physical aspect of being able to hold and flip the pages of a book and will absorb more of the key information.

9. You can share this book with others in your life who could benefit from reading about Life Goals and may just inspire someone to become more focused on living a goal inspired life.

10. The book has a blank template at the very end of the book to record your own personalized list of 100 Life Goals, 10 goals in each of the recommended 10 goal areas.


WARNING: The content in this book is a "subset" of all the content at the 100 Goals Club. There is no reason to buy this book if you have read all the content on my site, unless one of the benefits above are important to you. BUT for some . . . there is nothing that compares to holding a reading a physical book!

Unbiased information

Unlike most content on the web which is guided by the desire to make money (not a bad thing), I have nothing to sell on this site other than a book (proceeds to charity). My advice is based on practical first hand experience and knowledge, not on trying to direct you to a financially driven outcome.

Many sites will focus on the best way to make money, whether it is exclusively through real estate, stock investing or other types of side hustles. My wife and I have all the money we need to live an amazing lifestyle, based on the principles explained at 100 goals club.

This site presents an unbiased view on how to create your happy life, while looking at your entire life, not just through a narrow lens.

Next newsletter . . .

My next newsletter on January 1st will have some special ideas to make 2021 your best year yet!

To your happy future!!

Brian Klodt founder of the 100 Goals Club


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