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Good life goals for being healthy in '21!
January 15, 2021

Good life goals for your health!

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Good Quotes on Health!

There's nothing more important than our good health - that's our principal capital asset. Arlen Specter

To enjoy the glow of good health, you must exercise. Gene Tunney

Happiness is nothing more than good health and a bad memory. Albert Schweitzer

The foundation of success in life is good health: that is the substratum fortune; it is also the basis of happiness. A person cannot accumulate a fortune very well when he is sick. P. T. Barnum

The 10 Health Life Goals

The following 10 health and fitness life goals are designed to help you get good health, and have some fun too. Of these 10 goals, the first four are the MOST IMPORTANT. If you haven't yet written out your life goals for good health, strongly consider these . . .





15 - Develop a calm mind

16 - Learn how to prepare healthy meals

17 - Learn self defence

18 - Complete an endurance event

19 - Play a Sport

20 - Develop a long-life mindset

If you are like me, you have good months and years where you follow your good health program, and then you have bad months (and years). The important thing is that you keep coming back to your health plan, whatever that is for you.

The secret to aging well is to pay attention to your health.

It could take decades to achieve your 100 LIFE GOALS and therefore super important you don't lose sight of good health. It is the first thing you will wish for if you ever enter a period of sickness or poor health!

To check out these life goals in detail, visit

Genomics is coming

The advances in modern health due to the growth in the field of Genomics will transform peoples health over the next decade and beyond.

Leading experts in this field are predicting:

** Early diagnosis of disease (stage 1 vs. stage 4)

** The elimination of disease through DNA editing

** Living in good health to 150 years old - and much more

Advances in longevity and the elimination of disease as we know it is being advanced due to artificial intelligence and exponential technologies!

Investing in Genomics!

One of the best investment firms in the US right now is led by Cathy Wood, called ARK Advanced Research Knowledge. Their series of funds (ARK K, ARK F, ARK Q and more) are generating investment returns of more than 30% per year, consistently over the last 5 years.

One of their Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) Companies are entirely focused on Genomics - ARK G.

They are investing in companies expected to substantially benefit from extending and enhancing the quality of human life by incorporating technological and scientific developments and advancements in genomics into their business. The companies held in ARKG develop, produce or enable:


- Targeted Therapeutics

- Bioinformatics

- Molecular Diagnostics

- Stem Cells

- Agricultural Biology

Trillions of dollars will be made in Genomics causing massive disruption to health care in the next 10 years.

Not only are their strong prospects for curing disease and living healthier lives, this field represents a massive investment opportunity for investors.

My wife Kathy and I are investors in ARK G and have encouraged our children purchase stocks in the ARK G investment funds. Returns of well over 30% per year are expected over the next decade!!

Check out for more information.

This could be an important part of your investment portfolio and a place to invest some money when you pay yourself first. Visit this page for why and how to do that!

Next newsletter . . .

My next newsletter on February 1st will broadcast some big news for Kathy and I, and what that could mean for your life!

Cheers and stay safe!!

Brian Klodt founder of the 100 Goals Club


P.S. Share these life goals with others. There are thousands of people who could be helped by living a life helped by writing down life goals. I wrote out my original list of 100 Life Goals at age 30 (27 years ago), and life couldn't be much better as a result . . . across all 10 life goal categories.

Feel free to reach out to me at and let me know how you are doing with your own life goals!

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