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Your health during COVID-19
May 15, 2020

How to be healthy!

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INSPIRATIONAL QUOTE ABOUT SUCCESS "Many people, millions of them, can find new energy by selecting a goal and giving all they've got to accomplish that goal. Goals cure boredom. Goals even cure many chronic ailments." ~ David Schwartz

Your health during COVID-19

With the threat of COVID-19 evident everywhere, there is no better time to be taking good care of your overall health. It's something I think about often. My wife and I are not seniors yet, but we are in mid fifties and approaching an age where the risks of the Coronavirus impact more people.

No-one is immune from its impacts. Young people are also potential victims and there are numerous stories of young people catching COVID-19.

To maximize your chance for dealing with this deadly virus should you be unfortunate enough to encounter it, I recommend you take seriously the need to take the best care of your health, focusing on these specific health and fitness goals featured at the 100 Goals Club:

EAT HEALTHY. One off the easiest (and sometimes hardest) things to do:

MAINTAIN YOUR IDEAL WEIGHT. This is a key indicator of good health and there are reports that COVID-19 is impacting those with obesity challenges:

BE AEROBICALLY FIT. Because COVID-19 effects the respiratory system, this is one of the areas I believe is most important to be working on improving:

DEVELOP A LONG LIFE MINDSET. We can't forget about the critical importance of having a positive mind set about our life:

I'm lucky to have a 21 year old daughter at home who is motivating me to work out with her doing high intensity interval training (HIIT) several times per week. This is a great way to keep my aerobic fitness high! She also kicks my butt sometimes (LOL). Check out the YouTube channel for Fitness Blender. Amazing free YouTube videos with all types of fitness training and different duration workouts to meet your needs!

Review these goals and decide if there is something you want to start doing to improve your health!

Health and fitness

I continue to build out my graphics on my site. These last 2 weeks, I've created artwork for each of my 10 health and fitness goals.

Check out my health and fitness board on Pinterest. I've pinned many other good websites and information that I think will help you and I with our health and fitness goals. Check them out here!

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Next newsletter . . .

My next newsletter on June 1st will focus on friends and family ideas during these stay at home times.

Until next time . . . keep planning!

Brian Klodt founder of the 100 Goals Club Take the 100 Life Goal challenge!!

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