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What will you be remembered for?
November 15, 2019

What will you be remembered for?

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How to leave a legacy

As we live and gain wisdom and experience from achieving our life goals, many start thinking about what we can do to leave the world a better place.

It’s great to develop and live the good life, but these next 10 goals look to something you can do to create a lasting impact—something tangible to leave our next generation. As simple as a writing a journal of how you lived your life, to philanthropy money or time that you donate to helps others in your community.

Legacy life goals are very personal and need to uniquely represent the way you've lived your life or plan on living your life.

It's about the legacy you will pass down to your children.

Or, you may wish to make an enormous impact in your community or in the world.

Think about all the people you truly respect in your life and the legacy that they've already created for themselves. This often gets amplified when they die as some people's legacy are not truly understood or even developed until they've passed.

Give some thought to the way you wish to be remembered when you're gone.

10 Life Goals to create your life's legacy!

Here are 10 recommenced life goals for giving back and leaving a legacy that have been crafted from reading books and thinking reflectively about what is important in life.

These goals should be a priority early in life and continue throughout your family raising years.

They could also be deferred and become the focus once your retirement nears.

It's your life, decide now how to leave a legacy and if these life goals will be a focus for you now or downstream in your life.

91 - Keep a life journal - Imagine future generations of your family reading your journal 100 years from now and learning about their roots.

92 - Make a difference in the world - Foresee your family, friends and people you've never met speak at your funeral with pride about the difference you made in their life.

93 - Donate to charities - Choose a charity that is special to you and donate generously.

94 - Volunteer in your community - Donate time to help organizations that depend upon volunteers to help others in need.

95 - Trace your ancestry - Research and document your family tree.

96 - Prepare your will - Record what you want to happen with your wealth and family heirlooms when you pass.

97 - Write a book - Imagine a future generation read a book written by their great great grandmother or grandfather

98 - Write/document your life story - Write your life story so that your children can read it to their children, and so on . . .

99 - Become a philanthropist - Develop such net worth that you have plenty of money to help out worthy organizations, while you are still living.

100 - Leave a money inheritance - Help your children and your grand children when you pass, with a financial inheritance that they use for a good purpose, like education.

To explore these 10 giving back and legacy goals, visit Legacy-Goals.html and click on the individual links for each of these 10 life goals.

Simple ideas on how an average person can make a difference in the world . . .

The following is a list of simple ideas on how you can make a difference in the world and how to leave a legacy:

- Find a mission you care about and pour your heart and soul into it

- Be the example of what you wish to see in the world

- Respect everyone you meet, regardless of their social status, age or race

- Be positive and optimistic with everyone you meet

- Smile to strangers

- Love all

- Start really listening to people around you . . . be an active listener

- Volunteer regularly

- Donate blood often

- Donate clothing and things you no longer need

- Donate money to worthy causes

- Provide encouragement to people and help them with their lives

A great life strategy is to write your epitaph now before you pass. What would you like to be remembered for? Live your life as you wish to be remembered.

From this list of 10 recommended Life Goals related to Giving Back and Leaving a Legacy, explore the 100 Goals Club at to help decide which of the goals resonate the most and inspire you to create a legacy you and your family will be remembered for and be proud of.

Write down your on goals on how to leave a legacy!

Next newsletter . . .

My next newsletter will step you through the importance of reading self-help books to help create your live adventure!

Until next time . . . start writing out your 100 Life Goals! Use the goal setting worksheet you received when you joined the 100 Goals Club. I would be happy to review your draft list of goals and comment on them. Email

Brian Klodt

founder of the 100 Goals Club Don't leave your future to chance!

P.S. As we come closer to the end of 2019, start writing down your 100 Life Goals that you will commit to as part of your 2020 vision. There is nothing like this major milestone to get you started.

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