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Your future is better with goals
June 01, 2019

Your future is better with goals

and the 100 Goals Club may hold the keys for designing your good life. Set goals in these 10 life goal categories to ensure you live a balanced life of no regrets!

More than 25 years in the making, I started out at age 30 when I wrote down 100 Life Goals. I invested hundreds of hours in reading self-help books, listening to audio programs on success and designed our life by writing out 100 Life Goals. Working along side my wife Kathy, it was important to think carefully about each of the life goal categories and what was important in designing our good life.

It turns out that this was one of the single most important things we could have done. Today, we are extremely fortunate, with good health, family, wealth, travel and adventure. We own our own street, 4 beautifully restored heritage homes in one of the best downtown urban locations in Canada. We enjoy good incomes as employees and we travel the world extensively.

As part of my "giving back" goals to make a difference and as one of my original 100 Life Goals to write a book, the 100 Goals Club was launched in June 2018 to support the publishing of the book 100 Life Goals.

The 10 life goal categories:

The 10 essential life goal categories for living a balanced life which are the focus at are:

1. PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT - Success in life begins with your own commitment to personal growth, which is the reason it is first. Investing time into growing as a person and developing yourself, will help your life immensely in all of the other life goal categories.

2. HEALTH AND FITNESS - Without good health, the rest of your goal accomplishments and life suffer. No-one else is going to look after your health, but you. If you've ever been sick of suffer from poor heath, returning to good health is priority number one. Plan this area of your life well by writing out 10 health and fitness goals now.

3. FAMILY AND FRIENDS - There is no point in being successful with your career and lifestyle goals without a strong foundation of family and friends. At the end of your life, it will be very evident that the only things that truly matter are your friends and family. Live your life by putting making them a priority.

4. HOBBIES AND PASSIONS - These are the things you truly love doing. These need to be prominent in your life, otherwise they will fall victim to your career. Your hobbies and passions are what make you unique, and give you immense happiness. There are literally hundreds of different options for you. Find your uniqueness.

5. FINANCIAL - Developing financial goals and understanding how money really works is essential to living your life. It is especially important if you are to fulfill all of your 100 life goals. There are time proven principles with money that if applied in your life, will help you become financially wealthy, whether you have high income employment or not. Let time be on your side by developing good financial habits now.

6. CAREER - Selecting your career path is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Not only is it essential to your income, it is where you will devote the vast majority of the time in your life. Learn how to set career goals will help you excel and grow.

7. ADVENTURE - Think about your life as an adventure you design yourself. There are so many exciting things to do and experience in your lifetime. Write out 10 specific goals related to adventure that you will accomplish in the next decade, or lifetime. Consider adventures on land, in water and in the air.

8. TRAVEL - Being able to travel and explore the world is one of life's rewards. We live in a time where travel has never been so easy. With some good planning, create your personalized list of 10 travel goals to experience life and the world in a way that is exciting and bold. Experience different cultures, people, architecture, food, nature and entertainment. Create your bucket list of where you will go.

9. LIFESTYLE - One of the great differentiators and rewards in life is that of living a great lifestyle. Lifestyle can mean so many different things to each of us, from the manner in which you live, to the type of house you live in, to the type of experiences you enjoy. Decide what lifestyle is right for you and write out 10 personalized lifestyle goals.

10. LEAVING A LEGACY - Finally, the Giving Back and Leaving a Legacy goal category is about leaving the world a better place and thinking less about yourself and more about the impact you'll make, are making and will leave behind.

Plan your life . . .

The above Goal areas are listed in a rank order that in my opinion represent the priority in which they should be viewed within the context of your life.

The challenge with listing these Goals in a ranked sequence is that this is just my personal opinion, and you will have a different view. That’s okay. The most important thing is that you are setting and achieving balanced goals across more than a few Life Goal categories.

Most of the goal setting self-help books and programs I listened to in my early days focused on the exciting goals, the more traditional goals related to Lifestyle, Travel and Adventure. These are the goals that are easier to write and the ones to get excited about. These goals are important to living a good life too. They are often the goals that provide the “why” do I need to strive and improve and grow. Why do I need to develop myself and have a great career, besides providing for my family, it is to live the good life, to travel the world, to live in a nice house, to not have to worry about money constantly! My main desire is that they give you ideas and inspire you to create your own list of 100 Life Goals.

Take the time to design these goals that inspire you to live fully.

Be someone who spends more time planning your life than a birthday party. Most people never take the time to really plan their life and write down their goals. Don't let that be you.

My next newsletter will step you through what I view to be the single most important Life Goal you can set for yourself, Life Goal #1 - Read (study) Self-Help!

Until next time . . .

Brian Klodt

founder of the 100 Goals Club

Plan your life and live your plan!

P.S. Here at the 100 Goals Club, I hope to become your trusted advisor in helping you design the life you desire. To start working your life goals now, visit Refer your friends and family too!

To purchase and read the book 100 Life Goals for just $14.99 plus shipping, go to I promise, you won't regret it.

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