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Life ideas during COVID 19 and PODCAST!
April 01, 2020

Goal setting for your life!

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INSPIRATIONAL QUOTE ABOUT SUCCESS "You control your future, your destiny. What you think about comes about. By recording your dreams and goals on paper, you set in motion the process of becoming the person you most want to be. Put your future in good hands - your own" ~ Mark Victor Hansen

Mark is the co-author of the entire Chicken Soup for the Soul Series!

Life goals during COVID 19

Where ever you are in the world, there is likely no one reading this who isn't in some sort of self isolation / work from home situation due to the COVID 19 pandemic. Who would have thought this would have happened in our life time?!

During times of crisis come great opportunities and silver linings.

It is likely that most of you are reflecting more deeply about the meaning of your life and what is truly important right now.

It is also likely that you have more time than ever to be planning your future!

Don't let this time pass without taking some serious time to work on your life goals, whether you focus on 5, 10, 20, 50 or 100!

Invest an hour of your time explore the 100 Goals Club site for ideas and inspiration for writing down your life goals.

Use the goal setting spreadsheet you received with your membership to this newsletter.

Visit to learn about goal setting strategies to plan your life.

7 ideas to incorporate into your day!

My wife Kathy and I are hunkered down with our 21 year old daughter Maddie at home. I am fortunate to be able to work from home still as I work for an essential service that supplies equipment to governments around the world. My wife is in the restaurant industry which is shut down due to COVID 19. Maddie is just finishing her final year of Nursing!

Below are some of the things that our family is doing during this time at home:

1 - Exercise - We are doing daily aerobic workouts to intense fitness routines, while video conferencing in friends who are doing it simultaneously with us! It helps to work out with others to keep up the motivation. We are doing both F45 workouts and workouts by Fitness Blender.

2 - Learn to play Guitar - Maddie has decided to learn to play guitar. I am a musician and have been playing guitar most of my life. It is a thrill for me to have my daughter decide to learn to play guitar. This has happened because of the extra time she has now due to the COVID 19 situation. I could have taught her myself but I am not nearly as good a guitar teacher as Justin from Australia. This guy is an amazing teacher and offers free on-line learning. Check it out!

3 - Watch a TED Talk a Day - TED talk videos on youtube feature some of the most inspirational speakers and videos on a huge range of topics on self help, technology, education and general learning. We've been selecting one TED Talk per day to watch as a family. It sure beats watching the news all day long! (Thank you to Maddie for this great idea)

4 - Playing Cards - After dinner each night, we've been playing GOLF - a card game that is super fun with 9 rounds of play per game. If cards aren't your thing, its time to pull out your game boards, puzzles and other favourite past times that you've not had time for.

5 - Movies and NETFLIX - We've been watching a lot more movies as I'm sure most of you. In addition to watching from home, we've taken our weekly Date Night on the road and drive our car and watch a movie in the confines of our own vehicle while parked in a private setting near a park or lake. Like a "DRIVE-IN"!

Find inspirational movies with good endings to help drown out some of the bad news of the day.

6 - Family Dinners - Ordering food from one of the several new "deliver food to your door" services is a perfect way to eat restaurant quality food made fresh from home.

Check out this service which we highly recommend and use ourself. Since your entire family is likely all at home together, enjoy family dinners together nightly. This is one of the most important building blocks for the family.

7 - Go for walks - Kathy and I go for a 5:30am 30 minute walk around the neighbourhood. Not many people out walking that early in the morning so easy to maintain our social distance! Fresh air and walking will do you good any time of the day!

Check out my recent PODCAST!


I am a member of Rock Star real estate's VIP investor group, connected with some of the best local real estate investors across all of Canada. Their motto is "Your Life. Your Terms".

The two owners of the brokerage, Tom and Nick Karadza, are two of the most passionate guys you'll ever meet, working with real estate investors across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and helping fellow Canadians learn how to properly invest in real estate. They answer the question "Why invest in real estate" better than anyone I know. Period.

They hold regular classes of all kinds on how to buy investment real estate, how to get financing, how to deal with tenants as well as conduct large workshops and events on all aspects of real estate.

I've been fortunate to use their services in both buying and selling real estate.

Earlier in March before this COVID 19 situation really turned crazy, Tom asked me to present my story of "Own the Street and 100 Life Goals" on one of their weekly "Your Life Your Terms Show" podcasts that goes out to thousands of their investors.

Learn about our life story here and why we painted the houses on our street different colours! The episode is about an hour long.

You'll find this podcast at rockstarinnercircle or on apple or Spotify by clicking on one of these links below:

100 Life Goals

Take this time to think reflectively and start writing your life goals. Come up with a plan that works for you. Check out these links below for inspiration.

Make this the the time of your life that you look back on and are thankful you took the time to plan your future. Design some good things you will do over the next 10 or 20 years. Don't let this time go to waste!

Next newsletter . . .

My next newsletter on April 15th will focus on ideas from other thought leaders on what to do during this time of crisis.

Until next time . . . stay safe!

Brian Klodt

founder of the 100 Goals Club Life goals . . . Goal setting for your life.  Take the 100 goal challenge!

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