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How to turn your New Years resolutions into life goals!
January 01, 2020

News years resolutions and life goals!

100 Goals Club is a complimentary newsletter that specializes in helping you plan your life goals in 10 important areas:

1. Personal Development

2. Health and Fitness

3. Family and Friends

4. Hobbies and Passions

5. Financial

6. Career

7. Adventure

8. Travel

9. Lifestyle

10. Leaving a Legacy

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“Goals. There's no telling what you can do when you get inspired by them. There's no telling what you can do when you believe in them. There's no telling what will happen when you act upon them.” ~ Jim Rohn

Difference between a resolution and a life goal.

A New Year's resolution is a tradition where we resolve to change an undesired trait or behaviour, to improve our life or accomplish a personal goal. It is a promise to our self.

Most of us will make a New Years resolution of some sort, most likely around our health. Most of us will decide it is important to exercise more regularly.

New Years resolutions have a bad reputation. Why? Because most of us don't follow through with them for more than a week or two.

A Life Goal by contrast is a long term commitment to complete. It is specific, measurable, actionable, relevant and time bound (SMART).

Both are good! Focus on your Life Goals (long term) and use your New Years resolutions (short term) to help you en route to achieving your goals.

Health and exercise in 2020!

If you are like most people, you will be thinking of a New Years resolution around improving your health and most likely dropping some weight.

Achieving your best health in 2020 is an admirable resolution. Amongst the 10 life categories, health and fitness rates near the very top.

Out of all the 10 goal areas, setting healthy life goals and achieving good health and fitness are some of the most important things we can hope to accomplish and maintain throughout our life. A healthy body and a healthy mind is the starting point for everything we do.

Ask someone who is in poor health what they desire, and they will respond that getting back their good health is at the top of their list. Often people have regrets about not taking better care of themselves.

It is my belief that we need to consciously focus on setting goals, work diligently every day to maximize our potential, and work to improve our health, such that we are in our optimum state each and every day.

The following healthy life goals in this important area are designed to help you get healthy and fit, and have some fun too:

11 - Eat Healthy

12 - Maintain ideal body weight

13 - Be aerobically fit

14 - Be strong - lift weights

Visit to explore all the life goal ideas on how to set life goals (building on your New Years Resolutions) in these areas.

20 Reasons to break a sweat!

There are literally hundreds of reasons why exercising aerobically is good for you. Following is a running list of the benefits of breaking a sweat:

1) It will help with fat loss, helping you to maintain your ideal body weight.

2) You will sleep better.

3) You'll be less likely to get a cold, as exercise improves your immune system.

4) You will be more likely to live a long life.

5) You will have more energy. Working out actually gives you more energy, not the opposite

6) It will reduce your chance of major diseases like cancer.

7) It will strengthen your bones. Walking and running are actually weight bearing activities.

8) It will help sculpt your body, firm up your arms and tone your body.

9) It will help reduce your blood pressure and lower your risk of heart disease

10) It will increase your confidence

11) You will feel happier as it boosts your mood and provides psychological benefits

12) It will lower and improve your resting heart rate.

13) Your stamina will improve and you'll be able to perform other activities longer without tiring

14) It will improve your posture due to stronger abdominal and back muscles

15) It will diminish any signs of depression

16) You will feel younger (see below "Younger Next Year")

17) It will reduce your chance of injury

18) It will keep you looking younger

19) You'll be more likely to eat healthier

20) You will perform better in sport

How to keep your New Years Resolution

DON'T BREAK THE CHAIN . . . A simple tip that works . . .

Keep a daily journal every time you complete a task associated with your New Years resolution. If it is related to exercise for example, write down a log:

Wednesday January 1: 20 minutes aerobics - complete

Thursday January 2: 30 minute walk - complete

Friday January 3: 100 pushups - complete

. . . keep recording this every day and try not to "break the chain"

Saturday February 1st: 20 minutes aerobics complete

Once you start you log and take pride in completing it, you will seriously think twice about "breaking the chain" of logging all the good things you've been doing towards accomplishing your New Years resolution!

Try it and see if you can't keep this going all year long.

Instead of a log, this could be entries in your smart phone, an "app" which you've downloaded, a white board in your house or simply a piece of paper that you track on.

100 Life Goals . . . The Book

Purchase the 100 Life Goals book on Amazon for just $ 14.99 plus shipping as a way to commit to your 2020 goal planning.

Visit the following page for the top 10 reasons to buy this book with a link to the Amazon site.

Make this a gift you give to yourself to help YOU plan your life!

Next newsletter . . .

My next newsletter on January 15th will focus on continued goal planning for this new decade of your life and how to work with the goal setting worksheet you received when you signed up.

Until next time . . . create your life adventure!

Brian Klodt

founder of the 100 Goals Club

Life goals . . . don't leave your future to chance. Take the 100 goal challenge.


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