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Lifestyle goals and dream cars!
November 01, 2019

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Lifestyle goals to create your dream life!

One of the great lifestyle goals is to develop and live the life you desire. Lifestyle can mean so many different things to each of us. Lifestyle is about the manner in which we live, from the type of house we live in to the type of experiences we enjoy.

In the 100 Goals Club, the 10 carefully crafted lifestyle goals related to lifestyle are:

81 - Eat at good restaurants

82 - Declutter your life

83 - Take weekend getaways

84 - Buy high quality stuff

85 - Buy your first house

86 - Experience life

87 - Own a vacation property

88 - Pay others to do chores

89 - Drive your dream car

90 - Live in your dream house

There are hundreds of potential lifestyle goals related to having a good (or great) lifestyle. Let these be the start for you to brainstorm your own list. There is no right or wrong answer. These are the goals that are important to me and my wife, but they may not be important to you. Substitute the ones that are right for you.

Lifestyle Goals and money

Lifestyle is one of the great rewards of life for developing financial wealth. But you can still cultivate a good lifestyle on a modest income.

Some of us are content with a simple lifestyle. Some of us aspire to live a grand lifestyle. Some of us go way overboard and try to live a lifestyle way beyond our means to impress our neighbours and our co-workers. It is so easy to develop that mentality as we are constantly bombarded with advertising and messaging about all the finer things in life that we should buy (fancy houses as seen on HGTV, cars as advertised in magazines, fancy clothes seen in magazines and in shopping malls, etc.).

It’s important to develop a realistic and healthy attitude towards all of this so that you are not living to keep up with the Joneses, which is an expression about buying stuff to impress your neighbours. It is more important to me that I impress "myself", purchasing and doing things that make me feel good, irrespective of others opinions.

An important message is to live the best lifestyle you can, or aspire to, but within your means. If you aspire to a great lifestyle, use the 100 Life Goals book to help record what that means for you, and work on your personal development, financial, and career goals to increase your wealth to support it.

It could be 5, 10, 20 or more years before you can afford and start living the lifestyle you aspire to.

Dream cars . . . (how about an electric Tesla Model 3?)

One of my 100 life goals written more than 25 years ago at age 30 was to purchase my dream car, a Mercedes 500SL sports coupe. For the last 3 years I struggled with whether I should purchase it or not (a used one), or a Porsche Panamera I couldn’t afford yet, a dream car I came to love more than the Mercedes.

I was agonizing over my decision when my wife reminded me that I have also been dreaming of the day when a car could drive me in auto pilot, a 1 hour drive between her parents house and our house. The problem is I get tired after eating a big meal and have challenges staying awake when taking the 1 hour highway drive. I had made that comment to her numerous times over the past 5 years. She said why don’t you test drive a Tesla? Although I liked the vehicle up to that point, I was not in love with the simplistic interior and overall appearance.

We visited the Tesla dealership in Oakville Canada a couple of weeks after her recommendation. I decided to schedule a test drive with a Tesla Model 3 a few days later. After a brief orientation, I was off on a test drive with the salesman. Less than 5 minutes into the drive I was out on highway. What do you think I tried out first?? Autopilot! No hesitation on my part. I wanted to see how it worked. It was so easy to engage and worked well. The drive was responsive and intuitive. I was instantly hooked and knew that my dream car morphed from a Mercedes, to a Porsche (we had test driven one a couple of weeks prior), to a Tesla Model 3.

We purchased a black long range rear motor Model 3 on June 4, 2019 and already have close to 17,000 Km on it.

The following summarize the top 10 things I am most happy with which I published on the question and answer site QUORA recently, and have over 35,000 views!

AUTOPILOT - I engage the autopilot feature at least 2/3rds of the time while I’m driving, especially highway driving. It is so relaxing to be in stop and go traffic with autopilot engaged. Long distance highway driving is also so much better. You just need to keep one hand on the wheel in a relaxed state so that the car knows there is someone at the wheel ready to take over in case of emergency. I’m not doing the driving, the car is. While it doesn’t yet have the full self driving capability that I originally dreamed of, I’m very satisfied with the level of automation that is offered today. One day the expectation is that the car will provide full hands free driving from point A to point B. I can’t wait.

THE OVERALL DRIVING EXPERIENCE - Every time I’m in the car driving, I have a smile on my face. The car is so responsive. Smooth, instant acceleration and no hesitation like driving a gas vehicle. I had been driving a Honda Odyssey minivan so this is a big upgrade for me. I can't explain it but I feel special driving this car.

REGENERATIVE BREAKING - Driving an electric vehicle and the regenerative braking is amazing. Instead of coasting to a stop sign or stop light, the vehicle automatically slows down as you take your foot off the acceleration pedal, all while recharging your battery. Just knowing that you're not wearing out your brake pads is the feeling of saving money. More importantly, it just feels right.

THE INTEGRATED 15" TOUCH SCREEN DISPLAY - Almost every feature of the Model 3 is controlled through the integrated display. It takes almost no getting use to. The controls are natural and graphically beautiful to look at. The navigation system is reliable and intuitive. A simple voice command with a verbal destination address or place of interest.

THE AMAZING SOUND SYSTEM - Although I ranked this number 5 of my “happy things”, I am probably most excited about the sound quality of the audio system. I am a bass guitar player and crave deep low end response out of an audio system. I literally love driving alone where I have no restrictions on the volume I can listen too. I haven’t found a volume limitation yet which pushes the speakers too far.

THE LOW (OR NO) COST CHARGING - We are fortunate to live across a park from a city parking lot which has a charge point electric charging station, offering free charging after 6pm and all weekends, up to 4 hours. An incentive offered by the province of Ontario to encourage electric vehicle use. We literally have not paid a cent for electricity, coupled with the free 7,500 supercharging kilometres we received through a referral code. The number of free miles changes from time to time as Tesla offers different incentives. Most often it is 1,500 or 3,000 km for a referral, to both the purchaser and referrer.

THE PROSPECT OF A LONG LIFE - The Model 3 has an expectation to last more than 1,000,000 kilometres and up to 20 years or longer. WOW! Low maintenance on top of that. While I haven’t personally done the full long term cost of ownership, I’ve read many reviews that talk about the costs being closer to that of a car costing much less.

LONG DISTANCE DRIVING - My family, my wife and two adult children, took a 7 day driving adventure from Ontario Canada to Nashville and Memphis TN as our summer vacation. We packed up four sets of luggage and managed to fit all four of us comfortably in the vehicle for 13 hours of driving. Navigating to the supercharging stations was a breeze, with clear indication on the navigation system about how many kilometres (miles) we’d have remaining upon arriving at our destination. I had range anxiety when beginning the trip . . . now I don’t. As long as there is a 10% - 15% indication of remaining battery charge upon arriving at a destination, I’m completely comfortable. I look forward to more long distance drives with both our children and our couple friends in the future.

AUTOMATIC SOFTWARE UPDATES - Last week, we received an over the air automatic update, launching Netflix, Youtube and Spotify, amongst other updates and improvements. Oh, and also Caroke! I find it amazing that the car gets better the longer you drive it. Tesla could charge money for many of their updates. The fact that they do it for free, is a huge bonus.

CLIMATE CONTROL - Living in a cold climate in Ontario Canada, I had the pleasure last weekend of using my Tesla phone app to warm up the temperature of the car including our heated seats, prior to going into the car. I’ve never had a pre-starter before. Being able to enter a temperature controlled and heated vehicle when the temperature outside is -20 degrees C, will be another “happy” feature! No guilt from leaving a gas vehicle running.

The Model 3 is my new dream car and I am so happy I purchased this over my original goal to purchase a Mercedes 500SL. One thing I learned is that it is okay to change up your goal!

While an electric vehicle may not be your dream car, have fun in planning your own dream car!

Check out some of my other 100 life goals and why you should set car goals to buy your dream vehicle some day.

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Brian Klodt

founder of the 100 Goals Club Create your life adventure.

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