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Hobbies and passions
June 15, 2020

Your hobbies make your life special!

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"Happiness is the new rich. Inner peace is the new success. Health is the new wealth. Kindnesss is the new cool.." - Unknown

This quote takes on a special meaning during these times!

Have your own favourite quote? . . . email me at and I'll feature it here and credit your name as having it sent it to me!

What new hobby will you start during this pandemic?

One of the great sayings is Don't Live to Work, Work to Live. One the of best ways to live is to develop things that you are passionate about that will be the hobby(ies) in your life.

With COVID-19 impacting all aspects of our life, this is a great time to be planning your life's hobbies and passions.

Here is my starter list of hobbies to get you open to the possibilities!

ANIMALS: Equestrian, Pets, Animal care Most animal lovers are truly passionate about owning their pets. I know a couple of people who take their dogs to dog shows and are very passionate about this. My daughter is an active equestrian rider and absolutely loves everything about horses. I'm sure she will remain this way throughout her life as her primary passion.

AUTOMOTIVE: Cars, Motorcycles Generally men are the ones passionate about their cars, automobiles and motorcycles. Fixing up old cars, collecting vehicles and maintaining them can be a very satisfying hobby for so many people. Most towns have car shows once a week during the summer months where car enthusiasts get together and show off their cars to each other and the general public.

CHURCH AND RELIGION: Spiritual, Volunteering Many are passionate about religion and supporting their faiths through active attendance of church events and through volunteering.

CREATIVE: Painting, Crafts, Sewing, Photography Artistic passions are some of the best passions. They can be hard to develop a career around and are often best to pursue as a hobby with your passion kept alive. I live very close to an art gallery that has guilds for people pursuing their hobbies and passions for photography, fine arts, sculptors and woodcarvers, rug hooking, hand weavers and spinners, potters and fibre arts. I plan on joining their photography guild one day.

HOME: Renovations, restorations, interior decorating With all of the home and garden TV shows (HGTV) and the emphasis on living in beautiful spaces, many have take up passionate interest in renovating and decorating their homes. With all of the big box stores for home renovations like Home Depot and Lowes, it has never been easier to learn how to become handy and learn how to make home improvements. For some, this can develop into a serious hobby or passion.

INDOORS: Reading, TV, Movies, Games, Computers: Although these may seem like odd things to develop hobbies and passions around, many people derive happiness from immersing themselves with these activities. If they make you happy and you are learning something along the way, go for it!

MUSIC: Playing, Entertaining, Live Music, Concerts Music is one of my personal hobbies and passions and it gives me immense joy. Listening, playing, performing, practicing. I play acoustic guitar, bass guitar, electric guitar and drums. I've been learning since I was about 12 years old and continue to learn today. Many people have told me they have an interest in learning an instrument like a guitar, but they never follow through with it. You're never too old to learn and develop music into a hobby or passion. It's also relatively inexpensive to develop into a serious hobby, especially if you are smart about buying used instruments.

OUTDOORS: Fishing, Gardening, Hunting, Camping, Boating, Biking Outdoor activities are great to build hobbies and passions around, offering the benefit of physical exercise as you fish, garden, hunt, camp, bike etc. These are activities that you can enjoy your entire life, as age has little bearing on your ability to participate in as you grow old. They are also easy to enjoy with other friends or family.

SPORTS: Golfing, Swimming, Skiing, Tennis: There are hundreds of sporting type activities that you can participate in, learn, practice and compete in at a variety of beginner and amateur levels. Often these start as activities started in youth and dropped as you get into being an adult. If you truly enjoy these sports, why stop?? Playing sports is one of the best ways to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Exercise with a purpose!

SOCIAL ACTIVITIES: Bowling, Billiards, Curling, Dancing: Activities which involve other people in a social setting are great hobbies and passions to immerse your self into on a regular basis. There are numerous clubs, teams and groups that meet regularly who all have a passion for the same activity. Find something that speaks to you and get involved!

This list should get you thinking. But more important than that, start preparing for what you will sign up for or try once we get back to the "new normal"!

Daily Goals and site visits

If you are still working on developing your list of goals and need an added boost to get it written, here are some ideas:

- MORNING POWER HOUR: Incorporate goal planning into your morning power hour. Visit my site as some viewers do each morning, focusing on just one goal topic or area per day. As you get inspired by certain goals, write them down in your goal setting worksheet you received when you signed up!

- MONTHLY GOAL AREAS: Come up with a monthly theme for your goal planning. Decide for July for instance that your focus will be on XXXXXX goal area (i.e. financial, career, hobbies and passions etc.) and dedicate the month to goal planning in this area only. There are 10 goal areas here so that leaves you with 10 of the 12 calendar months covered.

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Next newsletter . . .

My next newsletter on July 1st (Canada Day!) will focus on why you should visit Canada for your next vacation (post COVID of course), along with some tips for living your best life!

Until next time . . . keep planning! (and stay safe)

Brian Klodt founder of the 100 Goals Club

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