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Relationships during COVID-19
June 01, 2020

Relationships matter.

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“Affection is when you see someone’s strengths; love is when you accept someone’s flaws.” – One Day #RelationshipGoals

Your relationships during COVID-19

With COVID-19 impacting all aspects of our life, there is no better time to be taking good care of your relationships. People are spending more time together and that is both good and bad.

- Divorce lawyers are reporting increased divorces

- Marriage counsellors are expected to be busier than ever

- Families are pulling together while others are being torn apart

This is the time that will make or break your family. If you can survive this time together, you will survive long term!

The following Life Goals at 100GoalsClub will help you focus on developing and maintaining the important relationships in your life:

MAINTAIN YOUR FRIENDSHIPS. While you're likely only able to see your friends on-line through your favourite social media platform, focus on maintaining and improving the relationships with your friends.

TREAT YOUR PARTNER AS A VIP. Remember that it is more important than ever right now to recognize the Very Important Person (VIP) in your life. When this is all over, you want to come up being a stronger couple, not weaker.

GO OUT ON REGULAR DATE NIGHTS. Even though much of what you might traditionally do on a Date Night is off limits, there are still lots of ideas. Check out my new list of 30 things to do on your Date Night. Kathy and I continue our date nights every Wednesday night. Most of the time is a take out dinner and a Netflix movie in our car, parked at a park near the lake!

BE THERE FOR YOUR CHILDREN. Your children need you to be the best parents you are capable of being. It's tough for sure. I have staff that have young children wanting their full attention, while they are trying to work from home full time. Very challenging indeed. Do the very best you can to ensure that they receive the attention and teaching during these times.

HAVE REGULAR FAMILY MEETINGS. Establish a weekly time for a family meeting. This should be easier than ever given that most of us are working from home and there are no nightly activities to get in the way. Search on google or Pinterest for some examples of family meeting templates. I found a great site which you can check out from my Pinterest account under Family and Friend Goals which I think you'll like.

I'm lucky to be surrounded by great family and friends. I hope you are too. It takes work, but it is worth it!

Many of the above Date Night goals are still possible during COVID-19. See how many you can try over the next 30 days!

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Next newsletter . . .

My next newsletter on June 15 will focus on other ideas and starting new hobbies or passions during these stay at home times.

Until next time . . . keep planning!

Brian Klodt founder of the 100 Goals Club Stay safe, especially during COVID and all the unrest taking place in the US and around the world.

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