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Top 5 success habits to achieve your life plan!
March 01, 2020

Create your life adventure!

100 Goals Club is a complimentary newsletter that specializes in helping you plan your life goals in 10 important areas:

1. Personal Development

2. Health and Fitness

3. Family and Friends

4. Hobbies and Passions

5. Financial

6. Career

7. Adventure

8. Travel

9. Lifestyle

10. Leaving a Legacy

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INSPIRATIONAL QUOTE ABOUT SUCCESS "Success is the progressive realization of a worthwhile goal or dream.” ~ Paul J. Meyer

Paul was considered by many to be the founder of the self-improvement industry. His 24 full-length programs have sold more than 2 billion dollars worldwide, more than any author in this field. He founded Success Motivation Institute. 1928 - 2009

What success habits do you need?

As someone who was inspired in my late twenties by my Karate teacher to achieve life success, here are my top 5 recommended success habits:

1. READ EVERY DAY - I have a constant supply of books, mostly self-help on my bed-side table. I am a slow reader and only read a few books a year, but I’ve been serious about the habit of reading since I was 30. This year, I set a resolution to read one book a month. If you really want to accelerate learning, read one book a week. Read books that successful people have written in the areas in which you wish to be successful. Books about making money, leadership, health, relationships, management, starting a business, hobbies, career development, travel, adventure and leaving a legacy. Decide you will read at least a few pages or an entire chapter each day. Podcasts are a good alternative. Some of the most successful people in the world (Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Warren Buffet) are avid readers, all reading many books a month!

2. EXERCISE DAILY - There is no single greater habit you can establish than to exercise every day. Our bodies are designed to live an active life, not the sedentary life that our modern lifestyle has evolved to. There is only one way to counter our inactive lifestyle and that is through aerobic exercise and lifting weights. If you do this for life, there is no reason (other than unlucky genetics) that you can’t be skiing when you are in your eighties. Read the book Younger Next Year. The author Chris Crowley is a living example of good health. This book has inspired thousands of people around the globe to exercise. Find out why this is especially important after you turn age 32. See link below featuring my "book report" of this book.

3. SCHEDULE A DAILY POWER HOUR - Many successful people have made the habit of a power hour devoted to certain rituals incorporating a combination of reading, exercise, journaling, meditation, planning and reviewing their goals for the day/week/month. Robin Sharma wrote a best selling book called the 5AM Club on this very principle. This habit is easier to keep when it is done in the morning, before the start of your day. My wife and I exercise to YouTube videos by a husband and wife team running a company called Fitness Blender. Highly recommended. I also write in my journal every morning.

4. SAVE AND INVEST 10% OF YOUR PAY CHEQUE - Controlling your spending money so that you are saving and investing at least 10% of your income, is a top success habit of many financially successful people. Starting this early in your twenties or thirties will allow time for compound interest to perform its magic. If you don’t know what this is, research it now. If you decide to wait to develop this success habit until you are financially ready, you will miss out on the benefit of time and compounding. It is possible to become a millionaire in your life time by creating and sticking with this habit. If you want to become very wealthy, save and invest 20%. Cut your spending on non-essentials and materialism to make this happen.

5. WRITE DOWN YOUR GOALS - Writing down goals and taking time to plan what is important to your life is the foundation of many successful people. I’ve been focused on goals for more than 25 years and attribute much of our achievement to writing down and focusing on goals. I wrote out 100 Life Goals at the age of 30 and am still working to achieve many of these goals. It led to my wife and I owning our own street of 4 heritage homes in one of the best cities in Canada. Put more time into planning your life than you would a party or a vacation. Remember that success is not just financial, it's the quality of your health, family, relationships, career, hobbies and so much more.

Making a journal or log entry daily every time you complete a success habit is a great way to develop your habits, until they become automatic. Once you start logging your daily exercise as an example, you won’t want to “break the chain” of exercising, once you’ve logged doing this every day after the first 30 days. I’m currently doing this with 100 pushups or sit-ups every day and it is holding me accountable.

Focus on these 5 habits and life success is certain to follow.

10 Top Goals from each goal category

The first goal from each of the 10 life categories featured at the 100 Goals Club are designed to maximize your chances for balanced success. For each of the 10 Goal Categories, the first recommended goal is designed to get you started. Here they are . . .

1 - Read (study) self-help - See success habit #1 above.

11 - Eat healthy - You are what you eat is more than just a saying.

21 - Choose good friends - You will become the average of your 5 closest friends.

31 - Have an important hobby or passion - Work to live, not live to work.

41 - Learn personal finance 101 - Money is important. If you don't understand how it works, it's not too late.

51 - Do a career assessment - Understand if you are pursuing or are in the right career.

61 - Take a family driving adventure - A great low cost way to have an amazing vacation that will be remembered.

71 - Take a staycation - Another great way to explore your local area without breaking the bank.

81 - Eat at great restaurants - A simple way to start building your lifestyle.

91 - Keep a life journal - An activity that will help you build your life, and document it for generations to come.

Visit at 100 Goals Club to learn about each of these important strategies to develop your success.

Book report - "Younger Next Year"

I set a New Years resolution this year to read one book a month. I've just completed reading my 2nd book (February) called "Younger Next Year" by Chris Crowley and Henry S. Lodge, M.D. I've read this book before. Like any good book or piece of music, you must read or listen to it multiple times!

Check out my new series of book reports for my monthly reads. Visit if health and fitness are important to you. This is a "MUST READ" book, especially if you are over the age of 32.

Recent Blog articles

My latest blog articles at the 100 Goals Club: Younger next year by Chris Crowley and Henry Lodge is one of the best books on health and fitness ever written! Read my book report why. Wondering what are good life goals for yourself? Check out these top ten lists of life goals at the 100 Goals Club. Canada is one of the greatest countries to live in. I've travelled to more than 20 countries and am proud to call Canada my home!

Next newsletter . . .

My next newsletter on March 15th will focus on 20 life tips that I wrote about on the question and answer site, QUORA, that has surpassed 10,000 views.

Until next time . . . Plan your life and create your adventure!

Brian Klodt

founder of the 100 Goals Club Life goals . . . Proven strategies to plan your life. Take the 100 goal challenge.

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