Why Health and Fitness Life Goals?

Out of all the 10 goal areas, setting healthy life goals and achieving good health and fitness are some of the most important things we can hope to accomplish and maintain throughout our life.   A healthy body and a healthy mind is the starting point for everything we do.  

Ask someone who is in poor health what they desire, and they will respond that getting back their good health is at the top of their list. I've been visiting family members in the hospital recently and it is apparent that it is the number one priority to get back to good health.  Often people have regrets about not taking better care of themselves.  

It is my belief that we need to consciously focus on setting goals, work diligently every day to maximize our potential, and work to improve our health, such that we are in our optimum state each and every day.  

Healthy life goals to dramatically improve your overall health and fitness!

The following 10 healthy life goals in this important area are designed to help you get healthy and fit, and have some fun too:

1.       Eat healthy

2.       Maintain your ideal body weight

3.       Be aerobically fit

4.       Lift weights to get strong

5.       Develop a calm mind

6.       Learn how to prepare healthy meals

7.       Learn self defense

8.       Complete an endurance event

9.       Play a sport

10.   Expect to live a long healthy life

There are many other healthy life goals related to improving our health and fitness level that could easily be added to this list.  Consider this a good start for creating your own personalized list of health and fitness life goals.

It is unfortunate that our world has millions of unhealthy and unfit people.  For some, it is out of their control based on where they live. For most of us, we do have a choice but many never make the decision to be ultra fit and ultra healthy.  When health is such an important area, there should not be a second thought given as to why this is one of the most important areas to add to your list of life goals.

How do you feel right now?

One of the primary ways to monitor how you are doing with your health is how you feel.    While the main goal cited by young people for exercising is to look good, as we get older, the majority of us exercise for our health. 

While many of us focus on one type of exercise—such as running, spinning, or working out on a treadmill—we should be varying our exercise to get a cross section of training, which covers strength, stamina, and mobility.   Being fit helps us fight the effects of aging and improves both our mental and physical health.  

The 10 life goals recommended in this guide are designed to give you the balanced approach to achieving good health and fitness. 

Adopt, modify, or change these healthy life goals to make them your own.    

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