29 - Be a good friend . . . and have friends for live!

Reason for this Goal  to be a good friend: Good relationships with just a few close friends is really important.  It’s easy to have many acquaintances whom we call friends, but it takes more to be a good friend.   A good friend will be there through the good times and the bad, throughout your entire life, to grow old with. 

What does it take to be a good friend?

A good friend is someone who . . . 

  • Likes you because of you, and not because of your status in life
  • You can talk to about anything
  • Is honest and will tell you what they really think when you’re about to make a key life decision
  • Doesn’t need to schedule a time to see you; they’ll just swing by
  • Is part of your important events in life
  • Is dependable and keeps his or her word
  • Is loyal and keeps your confidence, standing by your side through thick and thin
  • You like to be around, and they will try to cheer you up if needed
  • You have “life is good” moments with regularly
  • Is forgiving and doesn’t hold grudges
  • You are comfortable being around, regardless of what is going on

If you don’t currently have friends whom you would call good friends, as characterized above, decide that you will seek them out.   Remember the importance of having friends that are good people (reference Goal 21).   Also remember that it takes work and effort to be a good friend, but it is vitally important.   

Man has evolved through the centuries in tribes as social beings, so why is it that so many of us have limited meaningful social connections, and face loneliness.   In the book, Blue Zones, about the longest living centenarians on this planet, one of the common factors is that people with good social connections are the happiest and live the longest.  

As we move on in life, it is so easy to lose contact with friends and acquaintances of all kinds, especially friends from our different schools that we have attended: public school, high school, college, or university.  

It takes effort to stay in contact.  Be the person that reaches out.   Don’t worry if the other person doesn’t reciprocate; that doesn’t mean they don’t want to stay in contact.   

Kathy and I are very fortunate to have had an amazing best friend relationship with the couple that introduced the two of us back in the late 1980s.   Gary and Sue have been part of our life in so many ways:

  • Best Man and Maid of Honor at our wedding in 1991
  • Purchased a park model trailer together at a recreational resort in 2004
  • Annual getaways to Niagara Falls or Niagara On the Lake
  • Cottage getaways
  • I was Master of Ceremonies at their 25th wedding anniversary celebration
  • Multiple trips to Maui together 
  • Frequent dinners out

We also have great relationships with two other couples, with whom we travel together and enjoy each other’s company immensely, both of whom we’ve taken cruises with.  

Suggested Goal(s):    Be a good friend and maintain at least 2 good friend relationships.
Your Outrageous Goal:  Be a good friend and maintain 10 good friend relationships. 

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Kathy and I have been best friends with Gary and Sue for more than 30 years. We've been instrumental in each others lives, starting with them being our best man and maid of honour at our wedding in 1991. This photo was take on one of our many vacations together.

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