57 - Be an expert in something . . . to enhance and accelerate your career opportunities

Reason for this Goal:  An expert is someone who has extensive experience and education in a particular field or subject.  By becoming an expert in something, your employer or business will value you, and this will improve your chances for success and advancement in your career or business.  As an employee, you have a greater chance of being rewarded with promotions and long-term employment.  As a business, customers will seek you out.   

Becoming an expert requires high dedication to learning, and considerable practical experience.  The more specialized your area of expertise, generally the higher your income potential.

Expert goals to increase your promotability (and increase your income)

Here are some examples of expert goals in which you could become proficient:

  • Be a major contributor to the design of a product
  • Understand one of your products better than anyone else
  • Understand a specific disease or area of health
  • Be able to repair a specific type of equipment or machine
  • Learn how to service a product at an advanced level
  • Use or develop a particular software or application at a "super user" level
  • Learn to use Microsoft applications, like Excel or Word and become an expert user
  • Understand social media within your industry better than anyone else at your company

When you really invest serious time into your field, and develop so much expertise that you standout, people won’t be able to ignore you.  You will create opportunities for yourself and will quite likely be viewed so positively that you will naturally develop passion towards your chosen field.  The narrower the niche or specialization, the more valuable you'll be to your organization (and others). 

Some people struggle with having passion in their job or career.   By becoming an expert, passion will follow, even if it didn't exist in the first place. 

Don't make the mistake of saying you need to be paid more and then you'll become an expert.  It works the other way around where you develop your expertise and the financial rewards will follow.

Suggested Goal(s):     I will work to become an expert in   __________.
Your Outrageous Goal:   I will be an expert in all areas of my profession. 

At the company I work for, we call people Subject Matter Experts (SME), and we recognize people within our different departments as such for the areas they are highly competent in.  There is no reason why you can't decide right now to write down expert goals on what areas you plan to become a Subject Matter Expert.  

People who are SMEs in multiple areas are highly valuable to our organization.  We have one individual in our company who is a Subject Matter Expert in numerous areas.  He also happens to be one of the most successful and valued employees in our company.

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