14 - Be strong and lift weights . . . to live longer!

Reason for this Goal:   Be strong by lifting weights is the best way to create a body that will perform for you throughout your life, help you live longer and help sculpt a body that you will be proud of.  It’s not just for bodybuilders.   Lifting weights, as you get older, ensures that your bones stay strong.  You send signals to your body that you are still growing, instead of the alternative of decaying. 

The feeling you have when your body is rebuilding itself after working out with weights is a natural high in itself.   

One of the reasons that people show signs of aging and have mobility issues is that there muscles are not being looked after. There are many experts in the field of health who say that muscle strength is one of the top predictors of how long you will live. 

My mother is a retirement home and I can tell you first hand that there is a huge difference between adults who have looked after their health be exercising and those that haven't. The ones that haven't are the ones that have poor mobility issues and use walkers and wheel chairs. 

Reasons why you should be strong . . . 

The best reasons I’ve come across for lifting weights, from a physiological standpoint, are explained in the book, Younger Next Year, by Chris Crowley.    Some of the many benefits include . . . 

  • Improves how you look and feel
  • Improves whole body metabolism, aiding fat loss
  • Reduces feelings of depression
  • Fights osteoporosis (loss of bone mass)
  • Improves your performance in sports
  • Improves your overall heart health
  • Improved balance and reduced risk of falling as you age
  • Results in a lean and fit body, not big and bulky 
  • Improves your mental health

With these benefits and numerous more, it is my personal belief that every one of us should be lifting weights every week.  Be strong. You don't need to look like a body builder to receive these benefits.

My daughter, who is currently in her mid twenties, lifts weights frequently, and loves it.  My wife and routinely incorporate weight lifting into our daily exercise routine.  I use to belong to a gym where I could do some more serious weight lifting.  I will join a gym again to improve my strength further and ensure I receive the numerous benefits detailed above.

Suggested Target Goal:  Lift weights a minimum of once a week for one year.
Outrageous Goal:  Lift weights every week for the rest of your life.

You can join a gym, or just purchase a set of nested dumbbells and work out at home to a workout routine, such as by Fitness Blender.   Fitness Blender is a couple who have hundreds of on-line fitness videos, many of them incorporating weights in their routines.  Check it out here

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