28 - Establish annual family traditions . . . 
you and your family will cherish them more than you can imagine!

Reason for this Goal:  Family traditions. Many of life’s most important things and cherished memories come from annual family tradition.   While these may not seem important at the time, these traditions are what create the framework for a good family life, where children will grow up to continue these traditions and create new ones.

8 family traditions you can begin this year . . .

Examples of family tradition that people cherish include:

  1. Cutting down a Christmas tree together - This is one of my favourite traditions in our family.   We dress warmly and drive about 30 minutes to a Christmas tree farm.  We search exhaustively for the perfect tree and cut it down ourselves, while taking an annual family photo and video of the cut.  We follow that up with a hot chocolate at Tim Hortons.   Perfect.
  2. Going to a friend’s or family’s cottage - There is nothing like time spent at a cottage (vacation property) to build a tradition around, going the same week or month each year.  It does not matter whether you own, rent or visit the cottage.  Some of the best memories people have are spending time here.
  3. The hosting of a specific holiday  -  People in our family host the same holiday meal at their house each year.  No thinking required, we just know where and when to show up.  
  4. Going to a certain restaurant to celebrate someone’s birthday - Many people have a favourite restaurant that they love and enjoy being treated to a meal on their birthday.  Once you find your special place, stick with it. 
  5. Going to a local pumpkin farm every Thanksgiving -   A local farm that specializes in thanksgiving or halloween is a special place.  Pumpkins, mazes, hot apple cider, haunted fields.  Chidden and adults of all ages love this. 
  6. Going to a major festival or fair each year - We are fortunate to live close to a waterfront park that is the home to several major festivals each year.  I automatically know where we are going to be during these festivals and this is an important annual tradition for me.  
  7. Having a specific meal or restaurant outing following a specific sporting competition or event - After our daughter's equestrian shows, we come home after a long day and order Chinese food.  It has become something we look forward to and a small tradition for us.  Simple. 
  8. Singing carols together on Christmas Eve - For more than 25 years, after our family Christmas dinner, we gather in the basement recreation room and sing Christmas carols.   Haven't missed this once in all these years.  Christmas is already a very special time of the year and this is one of several Christmas traditions that my family enjoys.

It’s during these annual traditions that you spend important time together with parents, siblings, extended family members, and friends.  Ensure that you make the time and recognize the importance of nurturing these relationships.   

Suggested Goal(s):   Establish your own annual family tradition.
Your Outrageous Goal:   Continue your family traditions for life.

If you don’t currently have any (or many) family traditions, consciously think about what you’d like to start . . . and repeat each year!

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