56 - Be a good leader . . . and watch your career grow!

Reason for this Goal:   A good leader is sought after in all businesses and organizations, whether you are running your own business or are an employee in someone else’s business.  Even an employee in a junior position can exhibit leadership, and there is room within any organization for leaders to excel.  Not only are leaders respected and admired, leaders have the strongest careers and more personal satisfaction in their work life. 

A good piece of advice I learned is to consider yourself as the president of your own business, even while working for a company or a boss.  

10 strategies for being a good leader . . . 

Here are some examples of how you can exhibit leadership within your career: 

  1. Speak up in meetings or to your boss about things that matter - Put your self in your bosses position and bring things to his/her attention and offer your opinions and suggestions, keeping things positive.  Most bosses dislike negative talk, but they love people who aren't afraid to speak up, concisely.
  2. Make suggestions on how to improve the business. - Every good business owner, manager or leader are looking for suggestions on how to improve the business. Be someone who makes suggestions.
  3. Advocate for spending wisely - Treat the spending of money as if it was your own money and that it matters to the success of the business.
  4. Develop your communication skills, - Look for opportunities to use them (writing, speaking, etc.).  See Goal 8 on specific ideas on how you can improve.  The best communicators in any business will get promoted.
  5. Don’t accept status quo; embrace change - One of the worst expressions in any business is "we've always done it like that".  Companies that don't embrace change won't be around for long.  Embrace change.
  6. Encourage and support goal setting within your organization - Most leaders recognize and embrace the need to set goals to improve the business and meet objectives. If you embrace goal setting, you will get noticed and feel more connected to your organizational results.
  7. Don’t speak badly about any individual.  - Be constructive.  It is tempting to talk negatively about others that you don't believe are carrying their weight. Don't do it.  While it's human nature for some, for professionals, it is not acceptable.
  8. Treat others the way you’d like to be treated - This is the golden rule that applies in just about all situations. Put yourself in someone else's shoes before determining your best course of action.
  9. Engage in crucial conversations - Especially if you manage others, it is important that you get comfortable with addressing people and situations that need to be dealt with. The longer you leave something, the more difficult it becomes. 
  10. Be optimistic about the way things will be - In most (but not all) cases, the people that rise to the top of any organization are the ones that are the most optimistic in their thinking.  

Suggested Goal(s):    Take a leadership program, read books, practice and become a good leader.
Your Outrageous Goal:   Have others praise your leadership ability.

It is difficult to assess whether you are a good leader or not.  A good way to know whether you are a good leader or not is to hear others talk about you this way, or through a 360-degree feedback survey.

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