25 - Learn how to be a good parent . . .
life's number one important goal to living a life of no regrets.

Reason for this Goal:   A good parent.  The most important role we have in life is that of being a parent to our children, but how much training do we actually have on this most important subject?  Taking some time and setting a goal to learn how to be a good parent is vitally important, especially during the formative years of a child’s life. 

Top strategies for being a good parent . . . 

The following are examples of areas in a child’s life in which consistent parenting skills are highly desirable: 

  • Encouraging a child to develop social skills - The number one skill a child (or adult) can learn is communication skills, which involves interacting socially with other children.  
  • Having guidelines for watching TV, playing games and using social media - It is so easy to let television, gaming and social media occupy our child's life.  Actively parent what what you decide is acceptable in your child's life.
  • Establishing proper eating habits/guidelines - One of the most challenging things to do is to raise children with good eating habits.   It starts with modelling good behaviour from you as children will be heavily influenced by your eating habits. Develop your own healthy eating habits by checking out life goal for eating healthy.  Work really hard to have your child follow your good habits.  Their health, both short term and long term depends on it.
  • Knowing how to handle a child when they misbehave - Develop consistent ways of dealing with misbehaviour.  Consistency will create good results, inconsistency will not.  
  • Encouraging good behaviour - Praise the good behaviour and it will increase.  Children pick up very quickly on the things that they are praised for, and start eliminating the things that they aren't. 
  • Balancing being a parent versus a friend - Well we all want to end up as friends with our children, it is not the best way to parent.  A good parent needs to also act as a parent and provide firm guidance along the way.  
  • Raising children who have good confidence - There is no better life skill to develop than confidence in yourself.  It all starts with praising your children and having a family household that has positive reinforcement.  

Learning to be a good parent . . . 

There are a number of ways to learn how to be a good parent:

  • Read parenting books and find the author who best resonates with the parenting style you’d like to emulate.
  • Take a parenting class or classes.
  • Interview parents who have already raised great children and seem to have an ideal family life.
  • Join a local parenting group or club.

Suggested Goal(s):  Develop and agree to 7 parenting guidelines. 
Your Outrageous Goal:    Raise children who go on to lead amazing lives.

Make a conscious decision that parenting will not be left to chance.  If you’ve decided that you don’t want your own children, learn to be great role models for the children in your life, like nieces and nephews. 

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