22 - Find your life partner . . . and live happily ever after!

Reason for this Life Goal:   Life Partner.  One of the great achievements in life is to find and commit to your ideal life partner.   With a loving partner, you can have and raise a family (if you choose), and live a life that you create together.  Use these 100 Life Goals as a guide for designing the life you desire.  Your life partner will be a constant source of love, encouragement, and companionship.

What to find in your ideal life partner . . . 

I’m no expert, but the following are some of the things many look for in finding their partner:

  • Someone you’re emotionally connected to - There needs to be a strong emotional connection, of course.  A strong physical connection without an emotional connection won't last. 
  • Someone you are physically attracted to - You often hear about "love at first sight", which is great, but not always necessary.  
  • Someone who shares similar values and wants - Some of the most important things to consider are whether you have compatible views on wanting to have/raise children and financial money management.  See and discuss financial life goals and confirm compatibility.
  • Someone who has good core values - Having compatible core values are important. You will most likely want a partner who has core values similar to yours.  See Life Goal to establish your core values which lists many common values to consider. Honesty, respect and integrity are important. 
  • Someone who can make you smile  - If you can find someone who can make you smile when you’re feeling down, that is a huge bonus.  A positive attitude goes a long way.  Humour too.  
  • Someone with whom you are comfortable communicating and sharing intimate thoughts - Being able to have intimate conversations and sharing thoughts you wouldn't share with another person, is another important consideration.

Some people say that opposites attract, and that may be true.  The truth is that you want to have someone who has different characteristics, hobbies, and personality than yourself but with similar values.  Celebrate your commonalities AND your differences.   

Suggested Goal(s):    Find and marry your ideal life partner.
Your Outrageous Goal:    Have a happy relationship, and stay married to the same person your entire life.

I’ve had the great fortune of marrying my wife, Kathy, in April 1991; and we’ve had a great relationship for more than 28 years, raising two beautiful children, Karah and Maddie. 

We have many things we share in common, including our love for family, travel, old homes, being responsible with our money, playing cards, date nights, reading good books, and relaxing at our cottage or on a beach somewhere warm. 

My beautiful wife and I on our wedding day many years ago (1991).

Once you find your ideal partner, work at keeping your relationship strong.  Many of the habits in this coming section are written to help ensure that you maintain a healthy focus on staying happy together.  The number of marriages that end in divorce is shocking and unnecessary.  

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