3 - Attend Self Help Seminars to inspire you!

Reason for this Life Goal to attend self help seminars:  Attending conferences or workshops led by success oriented speakers is a great way to keep inspired and motivated to achieve your goals.  Your life will be lifted and energized after attending a success workshop.   Attending one with your partner is a great strategy for staying connected and together as you develop your life strategies. 

Writing this goal is straight forward.   You just need to decide that this is important, and write your goal to attend at least one self help seminar or success workshop per year.

There are numerous events that are held every year in cities around the world, which you can attend.  Find something that you connect with, and sign up.  

Consider the cost to attend as an investment in your future.  Invest in yourself as much as you can.  Anything you invest in yourself, you will get back tenfold.   

Self help seminars I've attended

Over the years, I have attended the following self help seminars and workshops:

  • Improve Your Life Seminar - A 2 hour seminar hosted by my Karate Sensei every year focused on strategies to get the most of life.  This was very influential to my life during my twenties and introduced me to the field of self-help.
  • Master Key Seminar -  A full day seminar teaching the principles similar to that taught in the movie and book "The Secret", linking they way you think and the importance of thoughts in manifesting what you desire in life. 
  • Real Estate Wealth Expo - A full day seminar in Toronto, ON in 2018 with guest speakers including Tony Robbins and Raymond Aaron.  This was one of the most influential seminars in my life as it led to meeting Raymond Aaron and signing up for his 10-10-10 program which ended up with me writing my 100 Life Goals book and the 100 Goals Club.
  • Raymond Aaron’s Monthly Mentor, 2-day workshop - 
  • Entrepreneur Summit -  A 2-day workshop hosted by Tom and Nick Karadza  in June 2019, focused on helping real estate investors develop a side business using the techniques and strategies they used in developing their Rock Star real estate brokerage, one of the fastest growing companies in Canada. 
  • Self help seminars - Over the years, I've attended several other self-help / motivational seminars with various guest speakers, including Jim Rohn, Robin Sharma, and Brian Tracy.  I left each seminar feeling more in control and empowered to start living the life I was meant to live. 
  • Archangel Summit - My wife and I have signed up for this personal development seminar and entrepreneurial conference in the fall of 2019, an annual gathering of mission-driven entrepreneurs, leaders and professionals.  We are very much looking forward to attending this together.
Attending one of the many personal development seminars, Archangels Summit in 2019.

Suggested Target Goal:  Attend self help seminars annually (minimum 1)

Outrageous Goal:  Be a teacher at a major success conference.

I met a business man at a Real Estate investing event just recently who has made it is purpose in life to attend a self help seminar, once a year, in an area that is completely different each year, just to expand his thinking.  Very smart.  

The owners of Rock Star Real Estate with whom we are part of their network personally invest tens of thousands of dollars each year in attending seminars to expand their business knowledge and personal growth. It is one of the reasons they are so successful.

If you would like to me (Brian Klodt) to present a self help seminar on 100 Life Goals or other topics, check out my page on self help seminars.  

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Last updated: April 26, 2020