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Life goals on how to improve your lifestyle should be established to develop and live the life you desire. Lifestyle can mean so many different things to each of you.  Lifestyle is about the manner in which you live, from the type of house you live in to the type of experiences you enjoy. 

10 Life Goals to develop a great lifestyle!

At the 100 Goals Club, the 10 carefully crafted life goals related to lifestyle are:

81 - Eat at good restaurants

82 - Declutter your life

83 - Take weekend getaways

84 - Buy high quality stuff

85 - Buy your first house

86 - Experience life

87 - Own a vacation property

88 - Pay others to do chores

89 - Drive your dream car

90 - Design your dream house

There are hundreds of potential life goals related to how to improve your lifestyle and have a good (or great) lifestyle.  Let these be the start for you to brainstorm your own list.  

There is no right or wrong answer.  These are the goals that are important to me and my wife, but they may not be important to you.  Substitute the ones that don't inspire you.  

One of the best slogans for life and lifestyle is from my real estate mentors, Tom and Nick Karadza of Rock Star Real Estate.  It perfectly captures the essence lifestyle goals . . . . 

"Your Life.  Your Terms."

How to improve your lifestyle and money!

Lifestyle is one of the great rewards of life for developing financial wealth.  The good news is that you can cultivate a good lifestyle on a modest income.

Some of you are content with a simple lifestyle.  Some of you aspire to live a grand lifestyle.  Some of you go way overboard and try to live a lifestyle way beyond your means to impress your neighbours and your co-workers.  It is so easy to develop that mentality as we are constantly bombarded with advertising and messaging about all the finer things in life that we should buy (fancy houses as seen on HGTV, cars as advertised in magazines, fancy clothes seen in magazines and in shopping malls, etc.). 

It’s important to develop a realistic and healthy attitude towards all of this so that you are not living to "keep up with the Joneses", which is an expression about buying stuff to impress your neighbours.  It is more important to me that I impress "myself", purchasing and doing things that make me feel good, irrespective of others opinions. 

At the 100 Goals Club, there are 10 goals specifically for Travel.  While travel is considered part of your lifestyle goals, reference the separate goal section for the recommended 10 travel goals, which can equally be considered an integral part of lifestyle.   Unfortunately, travelling is expensive, especially if airline tickets are involved. 

An important message is to live the best lifestyle you can, or aspire to, but within your means.  If you aspire to a great lifestyle, use this site to help on how to improve your lifestyle;  record what that means for you, and work on your personal development, financial, and career goals to increase your wealth to support it. 

It could be 5, 10, 20 or more years before you can afford and start living the lifestyle you aspire to.

Adopt, modify, or change these 10 life goals to make them your own. 


6 tips for living life on your terms and developing the lifestyle you dream of:

How to improve your lifestyle:  

  1. Decide what you want  - Decide on the things you want in your life that represent your "lifestyle". Be thoughtful.   Don't be materialistic as you will need to devote too much of your time to making money to pay for it all, at the expense of being able to enjoy your life. 

  2. Invest in your self development - There is no better investment than personal development.  You will need to grow to be able to attain the lifestyle you aspire to.  Books, courses, people. 

  3. Invest your money wisely - The people that have the best lifestyles own productive assets, namely real estate and businesses. You can also invest in the stock market in growth oriented equity stocks and exchange traded funds (ETF's).  

  4. Be patient - Don't expect to have your dream lifestyle in your first 10 years after college or university. Developing a great lifestyle will take 10 or 20+ years.  Be patient and ensure you are building your equity instead of spending it.  

  5. Buy quality stuff - You will enjoy the things that you buy better, if you buy quality.  No cheap stuff.  Your will regret and replace all the things in your life if you don't buy quality.   Don't buy as much either. How many good watches does a man really need?  

  6. Pay for professional help - Pay professionals to help you with important decisions where you will spending a lot of money.  If you are building your dream house, pay for a great architect.  If you are remodelling your existing house, pay for a good interior designer.  If you are planning a vacation, pay a travel expert to help plan your trip.   It will be money well spent, providing superior results than you can do yourself. 

Life goals to create lifestyle!

My wife Kathy and I are enjoying the results of living the principles taught at the 100 Goals Club.  

We are living in our dream house across from a park and steps to Lake Ontario in one of the top cities in Canada.  

We own a cottage a one hour drive away on a beautiful Lake Erie with two buildings, a Lake House and a Beach House. 

We purchased a lifestyle heritage loft resort condo which will be ready 2-3 years from now in a premier harbour location near Niagara On the Lake.   I plan on buying my own Range Tug boat, to cruise Lake Ontario and take over night trips. 

We've traveled the world extensively and will continue to do so.  

I drive my dream car, a Tesla Model 3.  

We are the lucky ones and don't take any of it for granted.  We have worked hard for this.  

The stuff at the 100 Goals Club is real.  Life goals work . . . but only if you work them!

I am using the 100 Goals Club platform to help you build the type of lifestyle you aspire to.   Learn as much as you can and visit often.  I am constantly updating this site and providing as many tips as possible to help how to improve your lifestyle!

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Last Updated: November 9, 2020