100 Life Goals . . .  A Step by Step Guide for Designing Your Life and Living with No Regrets!

One of my 100 Life Goals written in 1993 was to write a book.  As an average person who has been fortunate to live an amazing life while being employed as a Manager for a Fortune 500 company, the writing of 100 Life Goals at the age of 30 was a major influence in my life.

Its true that my wife and I are in many respects living our dream life.  We have great family, friends, health, hobbies, passions, income, careers, while living in our dream house and being able to travel the world. 

Focusing on personal development and remaining committed to life goals has been our foundation.  The book "100 Life Goals" is a book 25 years in the making, providing the very best advice on how to write your own goals and design your own dream life.  The goal is to end up at the end of your life with very few regrets, knowing in your heart that you lived your best life. 

Don't be someone who spends more time planning a trip then you do your own life. Invest some time into planning your life and developing your own list of 100 Life Goals, and join the club!

Foreword from the book:

Have you been searching for more purpose?  Are you living the life you want?  Do you have written goals?   Do you know what it would be like to live your life where you say at the end of your life, “WOW, I can’t believe all I’ve accomplished!”

The book “100 Life Goals” is for every person seeking to live a good life.  Brian is proof that by reading, studying and acting on the recommendations of some of the greatest inspirational leaders in the self-help industry, you too can too design a life that you are proud of.   A student of success principles for the past 25+ years, Brian has gone on to own an entire street of homes, become a multi-millionaire, be an accomplished musician, have a professional career and most importantly, have a loving family life with his wife Kathy while raising two beautiful and accomplished daughters.

Taking goal setting to a whole new level, Brian has developed one of the most comprehensive goal setting systems I’ve seen, with 100 perfectly designed goals across 10 areas of life, all critically important to living a great life, including goals with Personal Development, Health and Fitness, Family and Friends, Hobbies and Passions, Finance, Career, Adventure, Travel, Lifestyle and Leaving a legacy.  

Whether you choose just a handful of these goals to accomplish for yourself, or you commit to accomplishing all 100, this book will inspire you to write them down and live a life with purpose.  This guide provides a place for you to record your goals, your first step to goal accomplishment.   I recommend you read this book, write down your goals and commit to fulfilling them to live your own best life.   

Raymond Aaron
NY Times Best Selling Author of Chicken Soup for the Canadian Soul. 

Raymond Aaron has shared his vision and wisdom on radio and television programs for over 40 years. He is the author of 10 best-selling books, including Double Your Income Doing What You Love and the co-author of New York Times best-seller Chicken Soup for the Parent’s Soul. He is also an avid adventurer having completed one of the world’s toughest races, Polar Race (a 350-mile foot race to the Magnetic North Pole). 

Buy the 100 Life Goals Book to change your life!

Here are the Top 10 Reasons to Buy this Book!

  1. You can break away from the majority of people who never purchase a book after they graduate.  My  number one recommended life goal is to study and read self-help books, as this will provide you with the  knowledge and inspiration to achieve your Life Goals.

  2. There is space for you at the end of each goal, to write your own personalized goals, both Your Target Goal (YTG), and your Outrageous Goal.  

  3. You can take this book with you to read anywhere you choose, versus needing a computer or mobile device and internet connection to read from this 100 Goals Club site.

  4. Having this book at home either on your bedside table or on your book shelf, will be a friendly reminder for you to read the book and write out your goals.  

  5. You will be able to underline key topics and ideas in the book which resonate with you which you can easily go back on and "speed read" all the topics you thought were important on your prior reads.

  6. A portion of all book sale proceeds will be given to charity.   See my giving back section.

  7. Many people prefer the physical aspect of being able to hold and flip the pages of a book and will absorb more of the key information.

  8. You can share this book with others in your life who could benefit from reading about Life Goals and may just inspire someone to become more focused on living a goal inspired life.

  9. The book has a blank template at the very end of the book to record your own personalized list of 100 Life Goals, 10 goals in each of the recommended 10 goal areas. 

  10. For those ordering this book, there is a special bonus that will be made available to you. 
100 Life Goals book, back cover.

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