Life goals are the building blocks for your life adventures!

Life goals are something most never write down yet they are a crucial step to achieving more in life. 

Do you have written life goals?   If you do, you are one of very few!  

Life goals are specific things you want to do, see, have and achieve within your life that are aligned to you and your life purpose.  If you don't know your purpose yet, don't sweat it.  You'll find it!

The 100 Goals Club is designed to help you do just that. Studies show that you are 50% more likely to achieve the things you want most in life, by writing them down as life goals.  The most sought after things in life are happiness, success and living a life of adventure.  Life goals will help you achieve all three.  

The purpose of this site is to join a unique group of success minded individuals who are committed to goal achievement and living a life by design instead of by chance.

Join the club and commit to your own list of life goals, using this site as your handy reference hub that you visit frequently (daily, weekly or monthly).  Bookmark this site and return often!

Life Goal Topics on this page

  1. Why are life goals and goal setting important?
  2. Life Goals and what they didn't teach you at school!
  3. What are the most popular life goals?
  4. Top 10 Life Goals for Success and Happiness!
  5. Good Life Goals
  6. What my Karate Sensei taught me about life goals. 
  7. Life Goals and Life Purpose explained.
  8. A life of WOW and the purpose of this site.

Why are life goals and goal setting important?

The following are the top 10 reasons to why is goal setting important.  This is especially important to learn before you turn 30 and to your overall happiness and financial future!

1.  Eliminate wandering - Without a goal, many of you wander through life with no clear direction or path.  The destination may end up being good, but many times not.  Why leave it to chance?  How many times have you had a great inspirational idea that you planned on acting on, but didn't.  You might not even remember what that idea was any more.

2. Improve your chances for success & avoid procrastination - Studies have proven that people with written life goals are much more likely to achieve and live a successful life. The truth is that few people have written life goals.  Even fewer review them regularly. 

From my own experience, my 100 Life Goals written at the age of 30, has been a driving force for the success achieved in my own personal and family life.  The real key is having a TIME commitment (the "T" in SMART Goals) to your goals.  

Think of what happens when you put a deadline on getting something done, analogous to submitting your reports on time when at high school or university.   Without a deadline, we ALL procrastinate!   I too am a procrastinator.   But with a GOAL and a DATE, anything is possible!

3. Auto achievement - Life goals will often be achieved by virtue of having written them down and by reviewing them periodically, even with no action plan to achieve them.  There are many books written about the law of attraction and the act of setting a goal in motion through your thoughts. You may not believe it, but many people do. Any many people achieve goals years later that they have written down, but not consciously done anything about.

4. You'll feel inspired - It feels great to write down an important goal and through hard work and discipline, achieve it.  It even feels good just to check it off your list!

5. Have a reason to celebrate - Goals can be celebrated once they are achieved.  Decide in advance how you will celebrate.

Instead of feeling guilty about doing something, change that feeling to great satisfaction when you celebrate goal achievement!

6. You'll stay Focused - Life goals will keep you focused on what is important in your life, versus falling victim to watching too much TV or time spent doing things that don't carry much meaning.  Watching too much television is the killer of creating and living out the life of no regrets. 

7.  You'll achieve BIG(ger) Goals - Good goals communicated well will inspire other people to help you achieve them.  Much bigger projects and adventures can be achieved when you develop big goals. 

You don't need to complete your life goals all by yourself. Setting really big goals that you are passionate about and inspire others to be passionate about will set the stage for BIG goal achievement!

8. You'll become wealthier - You are likely to earn more money if you are able to achieve goals, whether you work for an employer or for yourself.  People who achieve goals are highly valued in the market place.

By focusing on financial goals, you have a much higher likelihood of developing high net worth than if you don't.  With good financial resources (income and networth), you can pursue and achieve more advanced goals related to your lifestyle goals.

9. You'll feel more satisfaction - The personal satisfaction that comes for achieving worthy and fulfilling life goals is reward in itself. The feeling that you are wandering in life can result in a lack of confidence and overall feelings that you're not living up to your true potential.  Life goals will help you overcome any depression you may be feeling too. 

I don't know any goal focused people who aren't both confident and have a positive outlook.  

10. Your life will have more purpose - People with a purpose in life feel that they are living a life of purpose. Sounds like double speak, but I love the saying that "the purpose of life is to live a life of purpose". As long as goals are well written and thought out, people who are goal oriented feel a real sense of purpose, something that is missing in many peoples life. 

Let me repeat this again it is so important . . . "The Purpose of Life is to Live a Life of Purpose"!

These 10 reasons are amongst many, answering the key question why is goal setting important.  Can you think of other reasons??

Why learn before age 30?  Because you'll maximize the amount of time to put into action the success habits and principles you'll need to achieve success and your 100 Life Goals!  But if you are over 30, don't worry, there is still plenty of time for you too!

Life goals and what they didn't teach you at school!

Most of us have had some amazing teachers in our lives, some have inspired us to be better students and human beings.    The vast majority of us however end up having graduated from secondary school or beyond and realize that there are things in life that we wish were taught to us at school.    Why are some of the most important things required to live a successful and happy life not formally taught to us?

  • How to handle, manage and grow your money
  • How to develop exceptional verbal communication skills
  • The importance of developing a life long habit of daily exercise and eating sensibly
  • The importance of setting goals in your life and how to design the life you want
  • The entire field of self-help and personal development
  • Career planning
  • Starting a business or developing multiple streams of income

One of the greatest problems with our educational system is that the importance of life goals and goal setting is not even taught, yet it is one of the most important life skills.   Entire generations of families grow up and never understand goals or the importance of writing them down.

What if school offered courses that taught . . . ?

For every level of our school system, starting with primary school, wouldn’t it be great if a course was offered on Life Skills, starting with Life 101 and progressing Life 102, 103, 104 etc. as we move through our educational system.   Recommended course topics to include:

  • Thinking positive
  • Exercise daily
  • Set goals (or 100 life goals)
  • Make money work for you (compounding, invest in stocks and real estate, develop multiple sources of income)
  • Read a book a month (keep learning)
  • Find a mentor/coach
  • Communicate well, especially learning how to really listen
  • Do things you love
  • Keep a Journal
  • Associate with good people

Taking these principles further is the basis for developing your life goals. 

What are the most popular life goals?

As human's we have so much in common.  When asked about which life goals are most important, the answers are common.  Below is a list of the most popular life goals.  Aligned with the life goal categories at the 100 Goals Club, here they are:

  1. Find your life purpose - So much of the self-help movement is about finding your life purpose yet it is so challenging to do.  The purpose of life is to live a life of purpose!  Think about how much better your life will feel when you find it.

  2. Be healthy and fit - Ask any sick person and they will tell you getting healthy is their top desire!  Think about all the confidence and energy that comes from being healthy and fit.  Lose your health for any period of time and I bet you'd do anything to get it back!

  3. Have good friend and family relationships - There is no substitute for good family and friend relationships.   The problem is that many people setting life goals don't consider writing down life goals in this most important category.  

  4. Enjoy life hobbies and passions - Don't live to work, work to live.  One great way to live is to enjoy hobbies, sports and things to be passionate about.  Think about the people you admire.  Chances are they have a unique hobby or passion that they excel at!

  5. Develop financial freedom - While money is not everything, the lack of money will lead to despair and a life devoid of so much more than is possible.  Having enough money to spend your time any way you desire is the ultimate expression of freedom. Imagine if you didn't need a job to live out your life goals!

  6. Have a meaningful career - Almost 40% of our waking hours are spent at a job or in a career.  Without meaning or purpose, a JOB will make you feel "Just Over Broke" and leave you unfulfilled. Find or develop a career you are proud of. 

  7. Lead a life of adventure - Some of your most favourite highlights in life will be the adventure things you do, often while on vacation.  Land, air and water adventures that are sometimes outside of your comfort zone and certainly outside of the day to day grind.  Name the top things you've done in your life and I bet that an adventure is in your top five!

  8. Travel the world - We have never lived at a better time than right now to travel the entire world. Planes, trains and automobiles as the saying goes. How many countries would you like to visit?

  9. Have a great lifestyle - Living in your dream house or driving your dream car may be a real possibility, especially if you get serious about life goal setting and achievement!  While it's not good to be materialistic, its fantastic to have a great lifestyle.  Decide what that is for you. 

  10. Leave a legacy - As you get older, your focus will be on how can you leave a legacy that your children and others remember you by.  Give back to others. Make a real difference in the world is something we all have the ability to do!

How do these align with what is important to your life?  What is missing? What life goals would you add or delete from this list?  Think about how you can make your life a series of mini adventures.   Each of these 10 life goal / categories can be your launching point for an adventure or adventures unique to you!

Top 10 Life Goals.Life goals - Top 10 list at 100 Goals Club!

Good life goals

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What my Karate Sensei taught me about life goals!

Some of us are fortunate to have been raised by parents whom already have these important skills and are happy and successful as a result.   For many however, I suspect this is not the case as our parents have been raised by an educational system that is lacking.     Some of us are fortunate as I was, to find a mentor who inspired me to learn about these areas.  In my case, my first mentor was my Karate Sensei.   I started training in my early 20’s with a Sensei who taught me so much more than Karate, many of the things I mention above.  He was running a course called “Improve Your Life” for his students, which for most of us in his classes was our introduction to personal development and how to design a good life.   Goal setting was taught and encouraged.    Striving to be a good and better person was expected in addition to learning how to kick and punch.  Who would have guessed that these kind of life skills would be taught by a Karate teacher! 

It was here that I also learned an important "mantra" which I would say daily for the rest of my life.    After attending one of his seminars, I came away with the expression that has been forever engrained in my mind and I repeat often . . . “I am Happy, Healthy, Wealthy and Wise”.      

I’ve talked to many people over the years who also recognize the deficiency with the content of what is being taught at schools.    Changing an educational system however is currently beyond what any of us can achieve on our own.   Throughout the course of my last 20 years, I’ve often thought about how great it would be if there was a franchised place to go for students to learn these essential life skills, accompanied by a fitness or sporting program to help improve fitness and energy level.   

Life goals will give you direction to pursue things in life that matter most.

A life of WOW and the purpose of this site!

One of the reasons I’ve developed this site is to help our younger generation of students (plus our older generation too) realize that there are places and strategies on how to live a greater life with more purpose . . .  a life which we can look back on and say “WOW, what a life!”.   

This site was created to help you design your life with no regrets, one goal at a time!  It is my goal to further accelerate this learning through by providing this place people can come to intimately share their life goals, both successes and failures, providing encouragement along the way. 

Life GoalsThis life goals list is a great starting point for your own list of life goals!

Life goals and life purpose!

I've spent much of my life trying to figure out what is my purpose in life. Now I realize that my purpose in life is to live a life of purpose.  For me, that means focusing on achieving my 100 Life Goals. What could be more purposeful than to take the time to construct 5, 10, 20 or even 100 personal and worthy life goals that you will spend the rest of your life pursuing?

Helping you live a more inspired life through the 100 Goals Club is my direct aim of this site. 

If this type of thinking appeals to you and feels right, join the 100 Goals Club and I will send you periodic emails and information to help remind you to stay focused on writing out your goals.  Sometimes just a friendly reminder is all you need.

Look to the subscribe section below or to the right hand side of this page to join!

Check out Jack Canfield list of 101 Life Goals.  Jack is the co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul empire that has sold millions of books.  Jack is a big proponent of goal setting.  Check out his blog post here for his 101 life goals

To learn more about this site and life goals, visit my LIFE GOALS HOME PAGE.

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