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If you've ever thought of creating your own life goals list, you've realized this requires serious effort. I know because it took me years of reading, reflecting, journaling, writing and re-writing before I was confident at writing down life goals. It was worth all the time.

But what if you could cut the amount of time by 50% or more?  

You've come to the right place!   This is one of the most comprehensive sites on goal setting on the web.

Ready made life goals list will save you hours of work

Here at the 100 Goals Club, you will learn about proven life goals that will create your life adventure and lead to your amazing life.  

No need to buy books on goal setting . . . it's all here!

No need to create your own template to record your goals, that's here too.

Hundreds of well thought out goals that are perfect for claiming as your own and writing out your life goals list.

  1. Personal development goals - The person you need to become to achieve your life goals is key to your success. Most goal setting systems ignore that you need to work on yourself first.  The goals you set here will ensure you are on track to achieve the rest of your life goals. 

  2. Health and fitness goals - Without good health, you will struggle through life. Why not decide to become one of the healthiest people you know?  You will benefit, Your family will benefit. Your employer will benefit.  Everyone benefits when you are health and have a surplus of every and vitality. An added benefit . . . more time to achieve your life goals list as you'll live longer!

  3. Friends and family goals - Life can be very lonely without family and friends. Relationship goals are crucial to a good life. Decide now that you will invest time into nurturing the very important people (VIPs) in your life. Especially your partner. Don't take your partner for granted like so many people do.  

  4. Hobbies and passion goals - Hobbies are your spice of life. Without hobbies, you'll live a pretty boring life. Try lots of different activities, sports, clubs and more until you find the things that you like to do. Once you find things that you like and hopefully love, invest the time into getting good at them and keep them going, even as you your family and manage your career. The last thing you want to do is get to retirement and go into a state of depression or die early because you have no passions in life. 

  5. Financial goals - Money is important.  In fact it's very important. So much of living a good life requires that you have money to live, grow, explore, travel.  And that comes after you take care of housing and feeding your family.   While its not healthy to obsess over money, deciding that you will learn how to grow your finances and manage your money wisely is mandatory. 

  6. Career goals - You will spend a good majority of your life working. Whether you work for an employer or you are your own boss, how you manage your career will determine so much about your life and how you feel about it. Decide now that you will be an active participant in growing your career and not leave it to chance.  

  7. Travel goals - We are living in the 21st century where we can literally travel the world and see places that were inaccessible just 100 years ago. Traveling in our own country and exploring other countries and learning other cultures is entirely possible in your lifetime. Decide now where you want to go and write out your life goals list to make it happen. 

  8. Adventure goals - Why live a boring life when you can plan a life of adventure? Whether that means air adventures, water adventures, under-water adventures or  hundreds of adventures that await you, decide now that you won't lead a boring life. What is it that you could do to give your life the sense of adventure you deserve?  Start writing them down on your life goals list!

  9. Lifestyle goals - With all of the advertising and TV, we are constantly bombarded with lifestyle temptations.  Nice houses, stylish clothes, fast cars.  Its all possible for us if we plan well.  But do this too early and you'll never build the kind of financial legacy that is possible. Most people spend way too much money on material possessions and sacrifice their financial future. Plan for the lifestyle of your dreams . . . but be patient and don't expect it to happen quickly.  

  10. Giving back and legacy goals - As you write your life goals list, leave room for goals that allow you to give back to others and society.  Leave a legacy for you and your family.  Leave an inheritance for your children and your favourite charity.  Donate your time to help others in need.

Let the 100 Goals Club help you with your life goals list

There are more than 100 pages on this site dedicated to helping you write your life goal list. 

Set aside time to explore this site.  Request my free goal setting worksheet, pre-populated with hundreds of recommended goals. 

Take these goals and rewrite them to make them your own. There is power in writing and rewriting your goals to make them uniquely your own.  Personalize them.  The more time you invest in writing your life goals list, the more likely you are to achieve them!

100 life goals list available for download at the 100 Goals Club.

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Last update: September 20, 2019