86 - Experience all life has to offer

Reason for this Goal of how to experience life:    There are literally hundreds and thousands of different things to experience life that one could enjoy in a lifetime. One of the dangers of being too rigid on goal achievement is missing out on other opportunities to experience things that aren’t stated goals.  

This goal is written so that in developing your lifestyle, you know it’s okay to be spontaneous and open to other opportunities that present themselves.  A favourite quote I read, by my early mentor, the legendary Jim Rohn, talks about saying yes to every new experience that comes your way. In other words, experience life.

How to experience life!

Examples of times to be spontaneous and say yes to new experiences on a regular basis include when:

  • Your son or daughter asks you to go with them to a special event
  • One of your friends asks you to go to a local event that you would normally say no to
  • You receive a lunch invitation from a colleague to try out a new restaurant
  • You see an advertisement in your local newspaper for a community event that interests you, but it’s easy to pass on
  • A good friend asks you to go see their favourite band, that you don't have much awareness of their music
  • Someone asks you to go golfing and you've only golfed a few times before
  • There is an event that your grandchild is attending, and you could attend too
  • An experience comes your way that is something you haven’t done before but peaks your curiosity in some way

The key is not to get so caught up in yourself that you’re not open to trying new things and broadening your life experience. Avoid falling into a rut. 

You never know when one of these new experiences could turn into a new passion or hobby (see section in this book on Hobbies and Passions).

Things to try and how to experience life!

There are likely hundreds of things that you've never tried or experienced before which could lead into a future hobby or passion of yours.  

  • Animals: Equestrian, Pets, Animal care
  • Automotive: Cars, Motorcycles, ATV's, Snow Mobile, Racing
  • Boating:  Rowing, Sailing, Yachting, Canoeing
  • Church, Religion, Spiritual, Volunteering, Tutoring, Coaching
  • Creative: Painting, Crafts, Sewing, Photography, Pottery, Basket Weaving, Drawing, Comedy, Collecting, Flower Arranging, Candle Making, Magic Tricks
  • Home: Renovations, Restorations, Interior Decorating, Furniture Refinishing, Home Staging, Wood working
  • Indoors: Reading, TV, Movies, Games, Computers, Cooking
  • Fitness: Yoga, Martial Arts, Tai Chi, Pole Dancing, Aerobics, Weight lifting, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Running, Biking, Walking, Meditation, Zumba
  • Music: Playing, Entertaining, Live Music, Concerts, Writing
  • Outdoors: Fishing, Gardening, Hunting, Camping, Boating, Archery, Caving, Hiking, Ice Fishing, Para Sailing, Powered Hang Gliding
  • Sports: Golfing, Swimming, Skiing, Tennis, Wrestling, Racquet ball, Squash, Boxing, Fencing, Rock Climbing
  • Social Activities: Bowling, Billiards, Curling, Dancing, Cards, Bingo, Dining, Wine making, Social Media, Chess

By trying new experiences like these, you can open the door to new opportunities, new friends and new ideas for how to experience life!

My daughter Karah trying powered hang gliding for the first time in Maui 2018. This is one of those experiences or opportunities which would be very easy to say no to for fear of the unknown. I'm proud of her and my whole family for trying this experience (my wife's idea!)

Suggested Goal(s):    Take advantage of opportunities for new experiences.

Your Outrageous Goal:   Say yes to every new experience.

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Last updated: December 12, 2019