The benefits of personal development and why they are essential for your future!

Benefits of Personal Development:  While it may seem odd for you to set personal development goals, this should be your foundation in accomplishing your life goals.  Establishing these before you turn 30 is important to setting you up for maximum achievement. 

Achieving a high level of success in your life may not be possible without investing in your own personal growth. For me, there is no way I could have achieved our level of success without having invested significant time and effort into my own personal development.

I was fortunate to have been introduced to self-help and personal development through my Karate Sensei in my early twenties. Apart from learning about Martial Arts and self defence, he taught his students about success principles and conducted "Improve Your Life Seminars" where he taught about the importance of setting goals. 

My life has been forever changed as a result of the passion I developed early on in understanding the benefits of personal development.

Reading books, listening to motivational speakers and leaders had and continues to have a trans-formative impact on me.

There is an important quote I read more than 20 years ago which suggests that you will be the same person in the future as you are today, with the exception of two things:

1.  The books you read and

2.  The people you meet . . . 

That quote has made a major impact on me and one of the reasons that the 1st of these 100 goals is focused on reading.  

The majority of successful people read books to not only increase their knowledge, but to inspire them to be more successful in both their professional and personal life.  There is an expression that all leaders are readers.  

From a long-term perspective, there is no point in setting easy goals.  Since the goals will be challenging to accomplish, it stands to reason that you will need to develop yourself as a person in order to accomplish them.  

Benefits of personal development

The benefits of personal development and investing time into personal development are numerous!

  • Increase your self confidence
  • Stretch your mind as to what is possible in your life
  • Learn strategies to maximize your productivity
  • Improve your communication skills 
  • Develop a plan for your life 
  • Understand your purpose
  • Multiply your results for a factor of 2X, 5X, 10X and higher!
  • Improve your chances for promotion 
  • Develop knowledge in areas that you need to learn or refresh on
  • Learn all the things they didn't teach you in school

With all of the negativity we are bombarded with in watching the news, talking to negative people and our negative self-talk, investing in your own personal development goals will pay dividends.  Keep reading for a list of 10 goals. These life goals were developed from hundreds of hours of my own investment into personal development, dating back more than 30 years.

The top 10 Personal Development Goals to transform your life

The following 10 life goals, under this category of Personal Development Goals, are designed to help you achieve all of the balance of your 100 goals.   They will also help you grow as a person and become the person you are capable of becoming.  Don’t take these goals lightly.  They are critically important to designing and living the life of your dreams—living your life and being able to say, “Wow, I did that!”

My 10 goals in this area are:

1 - Read self help books

2 - Define your core values

3 - Attend personal development seminars and workshops

4 - Develop a daily Power Hour

5 - Find a mentor

6 - Learn continuously

7 - Develop your positive attitude

8 - Develop your communication skills

9 - Write your life purpose

10 - Discover your spirituality

Top 10 personal development goals form the top 10 of these 100 life goals

Adopt, modify or change these 10 goals to make them your own. While I personally recommend each of these goals to you, I also know that it is very important for you to establish your own goals that speak to you.  Start by reading self-help books to understand all the benefits of personal development. 

It's difficult to just take someone else's goals and make them your own.  Writing out 100 Life Goals isn't something you do in a day or weekend. Its something you must draft, re-write, re-write again, change and modify and then re-write again. For me, writing out my goals firmly before I age one more year (prior to my Birthday), before the 1st of the New Year, or upon attaining a decade birthday (20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 . . . ) is powerful.

You don't need to start with personal development goals when you start writing them down, but it is important that you establish these foundation goals. Many people never read another book after graduating from school. Don't let that be you!

Return to the top 10 personal develop goals to find out how you future can be better than you think!

"Normally, people think of investing in terms of stocks or bonds, real estate, or some other type of property. But the biggest and most rewarding kind of investment is self-investment, purchasing things which build mental power and proficiency.  . . . To profit, to get the extra reward above a "normal" income in the years ahead, we must invest in ourselves. We must invest to achieve our goals."  
From the Magic of Thinking Big" by David Schwartz

Key Point:  It is important to invest in yourself. 

Why reading is the best thing you can do (if you want to be wealthy)!

Some of the most well known, wealthy and industry leaders of our time are avid readers:

Warren Buffet:  Warren is the 4th richest person in the world, with a Net Worth more than $ 80 billion.  He is a voracious reader who spends 80% of his day reading.  He reads more than 500 pages a day and recommends that to anyone hoping to achieve similar success.

Bill Gates:  Bill is another of the wealthiest people on this planet.  I watched a special about his life and learned that he takes sacks of books to a private retreat and will spend an entire weekend or even weak just reading.   He reads about 50 books a year.   Brilliant man.  

Elon Musk:  Elon is an avid reader.  People that work for him say he absorbs everything he reads and he is one of the most inquisitive and curious people on this planet, with a huge appetite for reading and learning.  I drive a Tesla, an electric car which he was able to develop to perfection because of his huge appetite for learning!

If you want to be successful, surely you can find time to read 10, 15 or 50 pages a day!  

I have recently committed to reading a minimum of 1 book every month.  Check out my book section from the main menu, for book reviews of my favourite recommended books.  

Reading is the the number one thing you can do for your personal development.   

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Last updated: April 16, 2020