Giving back to those less fortunate

Helping others less fortunate than ourselves is a great way to live.  There are hundreds millions of people in this world who are living life without essential necessities for living a good life.   Often, we forget about the people that need help in our very own community. 

One of the fundamental goal areas is to give back to those less fortunate than our self. A percentage of all revenue generated through the same of memberships or products on this site is donated to charitable organizations.

Through this site, we will be launching the following initiatives:

  • Sponsor a Goal Program
  • The 10% Giveback

We will also be selecting a number of supported charities.

The "G" in the acronym for G O A L S is "Giving" back . . .  

The power of "G  O  A  L  S"

The smart goal setting system developed and promoted at 100 Goals Club is focused on:

G iving back to those less fortunate 

ptimism for living your best life and becoming a person who lifts people up

A ction taking to achieve the goals you deem most important 

L eadership to lead yourself, family, friends and work colleagues or employees

S uccess oriented living as a result of living a goal inspired life