Good career goals and why career goal setting is crucial to your success!

Selecting from good career goals and doing your own career goal setting is important for growth in your occupation or profession.  Your career represents your “life’s work”, from which you generate income to be able to live the life you choose.

You can have many careers throughout the course of your life.  

For some, choosing a career is easy and natural.   For most, it is difficult!.  As you graduate from high school, you are expected to choose your education path, which will form your career path. 

Having completed your education (high school, college, university, etc.), you either end up in the career you’ve been educated on, or you find you can’t find employment, and move on to something else.  You sometimes end up in a career that you thought you would love but then find out you don’t.

Selecting your career is one of the most difficult decisions you will make. Once you are in your chosen career, changing careers is one of the most difficult decisions you will make.

Career goal setting is therefore very important. 

These 10 good career goals are designed to help you select your career, develop your career, and excel in your career. Adopt, modify or change these 10 goals to make them your own.  

Top 10 good career goals to get your dream job

Click on the following links to learn about these top career goals:

51 - Do a career assessment

52 - Get an education

53 - Find or develop your passion

54 - Join a professional association

55 - Be a good employee

56 - Be a good leader

57 - Be an expert in something

58 - Become an authority figure 

59 - Be your own boss

60 - Create multiple income sources

Browse from these good career goals and this career goal setting site and develop your own career goals unique to your situation and personal ambitions.  For some, being a good employee and rising the career ladder will make you happy.  For others, it may be your ambition to be your own boss.  There is no right or wrong answer.  Your career is critically important to so many things that will define your life. 

The greatest amount of time in our life will be devoted to our career, so its essential that you choose a career path that you will be happy with and is aligned with your other life goals.  Financial rewards and income potential is a key consideration for choosing our career path.  Choosing the wrong career may severely limit your ability to achieve your life goals.  

In my own situation, the following jobs define my career progression:

  • Helping my dad grow and sell organically grown tomatoes from our roadside stand
  • Working at a farmers market selling locally grown produce
  • Picking apples 
  • Performing in a band as a young musician (playing in local bars at age 16)
  • Working as a Faculty Assistant at DeVry Institute of Technology where I graduated as an Electronics Technologist
  • Service technician for a biomedical equipment manufacturing company
  • Bid Coordinator for Bailey Control, a control system company which eventually was acquired by ABB
  • Purchasing agent for Arbell, a distribution company selling into the electronic manufacturing industry
  • Sales and Marketing assistant for ISTEC, a small start-up high technology company manufacturing and selling stabilized camera systems
  • Proposal Coordinator for the same company
  • Manager of Bids and Proposals for the same company, acquired by a large US company
  • Landlord and property manager for personally owned residential real estate (6 different properties)
My very first job . . . helping tend to and sell organic tomatoes grown at my family home with my father Morley Klodt and my Sister Laura (we grew over 2,000 tomato plants in our "back yard").

Career goal setting and other essential skills

I have worked for the same company for the past 25+ years as the company has grown from just 45 employees to more than 1,100 employees.  I am still full time employed with this company and an integral and active part of the Sales and Marketing management team.   

Examples of more specific goals that you may consider as part of your career development include improving your . . .

  • Communication skills such as writing and speaking
  • Daily usage of email and email etiquette to write more effectively
  • Delegation skills (if you are in a supervisory or managerial position)
  • Positive work attitude with those that you work with, including your chain of command
  • Completion of assigned projects and goals, providing regular feedback to your boss
  • Willingness to take on new work and new projects that will enhance your skill and knowledge areas

In founding this 100 Goals Club, I am fulfilling my long held desire to pursue my passion to help people lead a goal inspired life, especially those that are in the early stages of their career.  Selecting from these career goals and goal setting is essential if you with to grow your career.  This site provides you good career goals to contemplate for your life. 

It is possible to be an employee all of your career and have an exciting and purposeful life.  Don't think that you need to have an entrepreneurial career or start your own job to live life on your own terms.  Through the goals recommended at the 100 Goals Club or your own personalized list of goals, you can live the life you design.   

You will invest much of your adult life working so being able to focus and getting inspired through structured career goal setting and good career goals is essential. 

Good career goals to develop your career!

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Last updated: February 1, 2020