Life goals are key to create your life of adventure!

Life Goals . . . some of the most important things are not taught in school or by our parents.  Goal setting is one of them.   What could you achieve in your life if you planned for it??

There is no better definition for how to be successful than to be Happy, Healthy, Wealthy and Wise.   

The 100 Goals Club lays out 100 of the top life goals that highly successful people from all walks of life have learned and achieved.  

Each of these life goals represent proven strategies which are essential for living an extraordinary life of adventure across the 10 most important life categories. 

These life goals are designed in a way to create happiness,  health, wealth and wisdom.   What more could one ask for?

More than 25 years ago, I was inspired with goal setting by my Karate Sensei and reading self-help books to write out 100 life goals. It turns out that was one of the best decisions of my life.  

Starting from modest beginnings, my family and I are enjoying success in all of life's key areas, which I attribute to writing out my life goals and implementing these proven strategies. 

Now I want to teach these to you.  

As part of my life journey, I am sharing our story on how setting 100 Life Goals changed our life.   

Why would I do this when I've already got a full life, family and lots of life goals yet to complete??

One of my 100 life goals is to make a difference in the world as one of my giving back and legacy goals.   In some small way, it is my hope that this site will inspire you to set goals that will help create your life of adventure.   

Unlike most content on the web which is guided by the desire to make money (not a bad thing), I have nothing to sell on this site other than a book.   My advice is based on practical first hand experience and knowledge, not on trying to direct you to a financially driven outcome.   

Many sites and social media will focus on the best way to make money, whether it is exclusively through real estate, stock investing or other types of side hustles.  Often there is a financial incentive to "guide" your purchase of something.  My wife and I have all the money we need to live an amazing lifestyle without working another day in our life,  based on all the principles explained on this site.  

This site presents an unbiased view on how to create a good life, while looking at your entire life, not just through a narrow lens.  I update this site as my views of achieving success, happiness and life purpose evolve through first hand experience.  

Here, you will learn how you can change the course of your life and create your own series of life adventures . . . 

  • Become a millionaire or multi-millionaire (or just enough wealth for your ideal life)
  • Travel to the worlds most beautiful places
  • Take an underwater adventure in Bora Bora
  • Take frequent trips to tropical islands like Hawaii and the word's most beautiful beaches 
  • Purchase your dream car
  • Hike through redwood forests in California
  • Own a lake front vacation property or cabin in the woods
  • Raise a family that has fun together and respects one another
  • Create a lasting legacy that survives generations after you pass

Why live just an average life, when you can Create Your Life Adventure!  Plan your life.  Make it exciting, fulfilling and one that is uniquely yours.  

Take the time to learn these goal setting strategies, develop your life plan and write out your own list of Life Goals, whether just a few or 100!  

Life goals . . simplified

With sample life goals across 10 life categories, come up with your own personalized list of 100 life goals that will serve as the foundation for your life.

The 100 Goals Club provides a step by step process on how to do this, using a free downloadable goal setting worksheet.

Let me help paint the picture of what a well designed life might look like for you, where you . . . 

  • Live a confident, optimistic life with strong core values that guide your decisions
  • Experience excellent health, energy, and vitality
  • Have close relationships with your partner, family, children and friends
  • Enjoy a hobby or hobbies that you are passionate about and participate in often 
  • Live stress free about money because you have more than enough to achieve your life goals
  • Be passionate about your career as an employee or business owner
  • Travel extensively within your own country and the world
  • Experience plenty of adventure in your life
  • Live the lifestyle that you currently dream about
  • Help others less fortunate than yourself

No two lives are the same.   Your life will be entirely different to that of everyone else you know.   We all start from different places in our lives.    

The main point of the 100 Goals Club is to teach goal setting and these life goals that inspire you to design a life, instead of just letting life happen.   And while you’re planning your life, why not design a great life, with life goals as the foundation!

"The 100 Goals Club provides you all the inspiration you need to design and create your life filled with adventure!"

The 100 Goals Club . . . a tribe of ambitious and motivated people looking for inspiration and ideas to create your life of ADVENTURE!

The 100 Life Goals Club is a place for individuals with an ambition to live life to its fullest: 

  • High school students looking to discover their purpose and career path
  • Graduates who are studying or have just completed their studies and are looking for their first job
  • Teachers and guidance counsellors wanting to help their students with goals and other important life skills not part of the school curriculum
  • Young adults just starting to get focused on living a good life
  • Adults of all ages looking for a more purposeful life
  • Future retirees starting to think about their retirement goals and completing their bucket list

The 100 Goals Club is NOT for you if you . . 

  • Want an easy and simple life
  • Aren't prepared to put time into personal development to grow as a person
  • Are looking for quick answers to a life well lived or get rich quick

There are no limits to what you can achieve with goal setting and life goals and it all starts with writing them down. Living a goal inspired life will give you purpose and focus required to live a good life.   

Use this site to provide inspiration and ideas from carefully selected 100 life goals across 10 life areas that could serve as a guide to live your own life.  Chose goals that make sense for you and start writing your own list of life goals. 

Write down your life goals to start living your life by design!

Many people know that writing down their life goals is the first step to achieving more in life.  Yet have you taken the time to actually write down your goals? 

This site is designed to help you learn goal setting to do just that.

BIG SECRET:   Studies show that you are 50% more likely to achieve the things you want most in life, by writing them down as goals.  

The purpose of the 100 Goals Club is to create a place where success minded individuals can reflect about goal achievement and living a life by design instead of by chance.

Join the club and commit to your own list of 5, 10, 50 or 100 Life Goals, using the "100 Life Goals Book" as a guide to developing your own unique and personalized list of goals, written by you and for you.  

I (Brian Klodt) have authored the book 100 Life Goals, recommending 100 of the most important life goals I view as essential to what I call living your life of purpose. 

The 100 Life Goals are carefully chosen, across 10 essential life areas starting with Personal Development.

A great time to work on your life goals is while near a lake or park.One of the best times to inspire and write your life goals is while spending time in nature. My favourite place is while at the cottage or being near the lake.

The 100 Goal Challenge

If you are seeking your own better life, I challenge you to take the time to write out your own list of life goals.  Start with 1, then expand to 10, 20 . . . all the way up to 100.  

What could be more fulfilling than designing your own life?  Why leave your future to chance?  Do you think you could do this?   

What time frame should I allow to do this?   Realistically, this is something you should put meaningful time into.  Pick a milestone date this coming year and decide that you'll get this done by then.  A birthday, an anniversary, an end of year . . . choose what works best for you.  

No need to rush this, but it is important to give your self a date to get this done.

Ten life areas from which my 100 life goals are based:

1.       Personal Development

2.   Health and Fitness

3.       Family and Friends

4.       Hobbies and Passions

5.       Financial

6.    Career

7.       Adventure

8.   Travel

9.       Lifestyle

10.   Leaving a Legacy

What they didn't teach at school (life secrets)

Most of us have had amazing teachers in our lives; some have inspired us to be better students and human beings.    Many of us however, end up having graduated from secondary school, or beyond, and realize that there are things in life that we wish were taught to us at school.    Why are some of the most important things which are required to live a successful and happy life, not formally taught to us?

  • Goal setting and life goals
  • How to handle and manage money
  • The importance of developing a lifelong habit of daily exercise and eating sensibly
  • The importance of setting goals in your life and how to design the life you want
  • The entire field of self-help and personal development
  • Career planning
  • Am I suited to starting a business or developing multiple streams of income
  • How to invest my money to become wealthy

One of the things lacking within our educational system is the teaching on the importance of goal setting and life goals, yet it is one of the most important life skills.  

Entire generations of families grow up and never understand goals or the importance of writing them down. 

For every level of our school system, starting with primary school, wouldn’t it be great if a course was offered on Life Skills, starting with Life 101, and progressing to Life 102, 103, 104, etc., as we move through our educational system.  

Recommended course topics to include:

I’ve talked to many people over the years who also recognize the deficiency with the content of what is being taught at schools.    

Throughout the course of my last 30 years, I’ve often thought about how great it would be if there was a place to go for students to learn these essential life skills, accompanied by a fitness or sporting program to help them improve their fitness and energy level.   

A life of "WOW"

One of the reasons I wrote the 100 Life Goals book was to help our younger generation of students realize that there are places and goal setting strategies on how to live a greater life with more purpose . . .  a life that we can look back on and say, “WOW, what a life!”   The 100 Goals Club was developed to help you design your life with no regrets, one goal at a time! 

Why 100 Goals Club?

Join the 100 Goals Club and start working on your own personalized list of life goals.For goal setting strategies and life goals tips, join the 100 Goals Club (its FREE!)

I am just an average person who has been able to achieve above average success in my life, helped by setting 100 life goals.  I've been able to do this while being an employee working for a great company.  I am 100% convinced that life goals will help you experience a better life.  Can you have a good life without goals?  . . . of course.  Can you achieve more in life with goals your are committed to. . . absolutely!

The 100 Goals Club was launched for 3 reasons:

1.       One of my original 100 goals was to write a book, recorded at age 30, in the category of Father; to create a legacy for my children, and leave behind words of wisdom and guidance for their life. My book 100 Life Goals was published in 2018 and the 100 Goals Club is an extension of the book. 

2.       To help you write down and begin working on your own Life Goals, as you start to live the life you were meant to live.

3.       To hold myself accountable for completing some of these goals I've yet to achieve.

It is my goal to make this site a valuable source of goal setting and life goal information to help inspire and aid you in planning your life.

Use this site as an important reference on goal achievement, to be revisited monthly and throughout the course of your life.  Be a long-term thinker and goal achiever. Bookmark this site and return often.  It is a place to come back to while planning how to design your best life.

Become a Goals Club Member and receive your
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As a membership bonus, you will receive free newsletters for inspiration on writing and achieving your LIFE GOALS!!

Last Updated: April 7, 2023