97 - Write a book -
7 benefits of writing a book

Reason for this Goal and benefits of writing a book:  It is my belief that you have at least one book in you before you die!   Life is an amazing adventure in which you will develop expertise, knowledge, and experience, in a way that is truly unique to you.  

Why not document it in a book that will form a part of your legacy, to be passed down to future generations. Why not make your life so interesting that you could write a book about it that others would find valuable?  

Beyond that, a book will help develop your career or help recognize you as an authority in a specific area, which will lead to more life experience.

Benefits of writing a book:

Here are the top benefits of writing a book:

  1. Authority figure status - People who have written a book and can be referred to as an author automatically become an authority on a topic, something that only a very small percentage of people will ever accomplish.  In a world where people look up to authorities on a topic, you'll be there.
  2. Leave a legacy - Long after you're gone, your book will be read by people and more importantly future generations of your family.  They will gain deep insight into their heritage by reading your book and it will be something that they are proud to associate with.
  3. Increase your income potential - We live in a world where people are rewarded for their credentials and authority status.  As an author, you will be able to charge more for your product or service.  More people will buy your product or service.  Your resume will stand-out!
  4. You'll be motivated to accomplish more - Setting a goal to write a book will inspire you to live a more fulfilling or adventurous life knowing that some day you'll be writing a book about your accomplishments.  No-one wants to read or write on a boring topic. Knowing a book will be written some day might just get you accomplishing more than you would have otherwise. 
  5. You will learn more about your topic - What ever your topic, I guarantee that writing a book about it will force you to learn even more your topic as you write your book. Being forced to put down your thoughts on paper will help crystallize your thoughts on your topic and broaden your understanding of your topic.
  6. Increase your opportunities - There is no telling what the outcome of writing a book will be. In my case, I had no plans to launch the 100 Goals Club after writing my book 100 Life Goals.  This was an after thought when thinking best about how to promote my book.  The opportunities I now have from publishing my own book AND my website are much greater now.  There is no telling who will read your book and what impact that could have on you future.  Exciting stuff!
  7.  Sense of accomplishment - There is no question that accomplishing your goal of  writing a book will create a huge sense of accomplishment.   Big check mark against completing your goal!  The bigger your goal, the bigger your accomplishment.  When looking back upon your life, this is one of the remarkable things that you will be remember.  

Recently, I purchased a book from a friend of a family member who just authored and published her own book: Explore, Transform, Flourish . . . Support and Hope for Those Who Help Others.   Gillian Stevens wrote this book about her own life experience as a secondary school guidance councillor, helping at-risk youth to overcome barriers leading to graduation.  She understood the benefits of writing a book and told me it has been a transformative experience writing the book and becoming an author.

Even though you may be unsure of this life goal, I encourage you to set it as one of your own personal goals.   Write it, and whether you publish it or not, it could be just the thing for you to accomplish. 

Who knows what you’ll have to write about in 1, 5 or 20 years from now!  It could give your life or career a boost, and provide opportunities that will lead to greater success and life experience. 

Here is a good question to reflect on . . . 

"If your life story was turned into a book, would it be worth reading?"

Writing a book is easier than ever

There are many organizations and publishers today who have set up systems and processes that make it very easy for someone, who has never before written a book, to do so at a reasonable cost. 

For me, it was Raymond Aaron’s 10–10–10 publishing program that resulted in my book being written and the creation of this 100 Goals Club website.

What to write a book about?

If you want to receive these benefits of writing a book and are asking yourself should I write a book, following are some potential topics on which you could write your very own book:

  • The Life of “_____” (a family history)
  • The Book of “_______” (insert your expertise or passion here)
  •  “X” steps to achieving “__________” (write about an area of expertise you’ve developed and can help others with)
  • A fiction novel, telling a story about something that you are inspired to write about
  • Life lessons on how “_________” (insert your choice of topic here)

Suggested Goal(s):    Receive these benefits of writing a book and write a book!
Your Outrageous Goal:   Write multiple books.

It was one of my original 100 life goals, written at the age of 30, to write a book.  The reason I wanted to write a book was to create something that would be part of my family’s legacy, in regard to Publish an inspirational tape(s)/book to pass onto future generations, under the category of father (family) goals.  At the time, I did not understand all the other benefits of writing a book that I do now.  

To find out more about my first book, 100 Life Goals, click here!

This is my very first book, written because of a Life Goal set more than 25 years ago! Purchase this book for inspiration on recommended 100 Lifetime Goals you can tailor for your own life.

I hope that this book will inspire future generations, not only in my family’s lineage but throughout the world, to live a goal-oriented life and achieve more than they thought was possible.

I didn't stop at just one book!  Find out more about the chapter I wrote in the Authorities book about Real Estate Investing, my second book, Buy Your Neighbours House!  This book is about developing wealth by purchasing a second house on your street (or neighbourhood).  In our case, my wife and I bought the entire street.  Check out Gables On The Park website.  

This is my second book, an Authorities Book, written on the topic of Real Estate Investing about why you should consider to "Buy Your Neighbours House"!

I hope that this page and site gives you the inspiration and answer you may have been looking for to the question "should I write a book"? Make if one of your key 100 life goals. 

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Last updated:  February 16, 2020