Asking yourself what are some good life goals?

You are on the right track.  Asking about good life goals is the start to designing a good life.  

Good life goals will put you ahead of most of the world's population as most people never take the time to plan their life and write down their goals. 

Check out these top 10 lists of life goals recommended at the 100 Goals Club. Committing to life goals is the way to make sure you don't live someone else's life. 

Good life goals - Personal Development 

In order to live your best life, you will need to keep developing yourself to become a person capable of achieving your life goals.  The more ambitious your life goals, the more important it is to set and achieve your personal development goals. 

Success in life begins with your own commitment to personal growth.  Investing time into growing as a person and developing yourself will help your life immensely in all of the other life goals

10 good life goals for personal development

Good life goals - Health and Fitness 

Health is life. Without your health, all you will think about is how to get it back. Fitness and nutrition is key to good health.  You can live a life without pills and medication if you simply exercise and eat healthy. Decide at a young age that you will make health and fitness your life time priority.  There are seniors in their seventies and eighties who are more active and healthier than people half their age.  Since so much of living a good life is tied to good health, commit NOW to writing down and committing to 10 good life goals for health and fitness.

10 good life goals for health and fitness

Friends and Family

There is nothing more important than having good relationships with your family and friends. Man is a "pack" animal, meaning that we have survived through millions of years as groups of people, dependant upon each other for survival.  Loneliness is a top killer of seniors.  Connections with family and friends is not only important and necessary, it is essential for your long term health.  Many people put their family and friends in a back seat, prioritized way down the list under their career and making money.  You will never gain back time with your children or life partner. Decide now to select goals from this list of good life goals for family and friends. Or come up with your own list.  

10 good life goals for family and friends

Good life goals - Hobbies and Passions

Life is a gift, made extra special by our hobbies and passions.  There are literally hundreds and thousands of options for things to do in your life that give your life extra meaning and fulfillment. Try different hobbies.  Experience difference activities. Find out what resonates with your life. Don't be someone who lives to work.  Work to live. Hobbies and passions are a key part of creating a life that is uniquely yours.   You are NEVER TOO OLD to start a new hobby.  

10 good life goals for hobbies and passions

Good life goals - Financial

Developing good financial goals and understanding how money really works is essential to living your life.  It is especially important if you are to fulfill your life goals. There are time proven principles with money that if applied in your life, will help you become financially wealthy, whether you have high income employment or not. Let time be on your side by developing good financial habits now.

Money is truly important.  But don't obsess over it and make it more important than your other goals.  

10 good life goals for your financials and making money

Good life goals - Career

Selecting your career path is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Not only is it essential to your income, it is where you will devote the vast majority of the time in your life. Learn how to set career goals will help you excel and grow.   The majority of your time throughout your life will be working.  Ensure that you take time to plan it to maximize your results and sense of achievement. 

10 good life goals for your career

Good life goals - Travel

Being able to travel and explore the world is one of life's rewards. We live in a time where travel has never been so easy.  With some good planning, create your personalized list of 10 travel goals to experience life and the world in a way that is exciting and bold.  Experience different cultures, people, architecture, food, nature and entertainment. Create your bucket list of where you will go.  

This is the icing on your cake!

10 good life goals for travel

Good life goals - Adventure

Think about your life as an adventure you design yourself. There are so many exciting things to do and experience in your lifetime. Write out 10 specific goals related to adventure that you will accomplish in the next decade, or lifetime.  Consider adventures on land, in water and in the air!  What sets adventure apart from travel?  If there is an element of risk or you will be doing something outside of your comfort level, you are entering adventure territory!

10 good life goals for adventure

Good life goals - Lifestyle

One of the great differentiators and rewards in life is that of living a great lifestyle. Lifestyle can mean so many different things to each of us, from the manner in which you live, to the type of house you live in, to the type of experiences you enjoy!  Why not plan your life so that you live a lifestyle that is something that truly makes you happy. 

10 good life goals for improving your lifestyle

Good life goals - Leaving a Legacy

Giving back and leaving a legacy goal category is about leaving the world a better place and thinking less about yourself and more about the impact you'll make, are making and will leave behind.  You don't need to wait until you are a senior to start thinking about this.  The earlier the better!

10 good life goals for giving back and leaving a legacy

Explore this 100 Goals Club site and uncover all the secrets to planning the life you were meant to live. Better yet, become a member!


Good life goals are the ones that you connect with at a deep emotional level.

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Last updated: February 27, 2020