65 - Take land adventures for a lifetime!

Reason for this Goal:   Land Adventures . . . As humans, we have been exploring our lands for tens of thousands of years. In modern times, exploring our lands has become much more interesting with the access to all the special equipment and technology.   Make a goal do something adventurous that is outside your normal experience.

10 Land Adventures you must try before you die!

The types of land adventures you can consider include:

  1. ATVing - Driving an ATV is a liberating experience of speed over rough terrain.  My nephew has an ATV and loves it.  In fact he uses it on his property to take his dogs for a "walk".  Just be careful, I also know two people who have had bad accidents so you must learn to respect this machine.
  2. Climbing - Rock climbing is something that must create a sense of accomplishment like no other.  I also had an employee of mine who climbed frozen water falls.  Crazy but exhilarating I'm sure!
  3. Dog sledding - In snow climates, you will find places where you can take a dog sledding adventure.  Something on my to do list.
  4. Hiking - One my family’s greatest land adventures was to set a goal to complete 44 Country Trails, as in a local guidebook, featuring our area’s best hiking trails.   This goal spanned over a decade while our children were young.  We have several amazing photos documenting our hike, some with Maddie on my shoulders as she was young when we started these hikes. 
  5. Mountain biking - Biking on rough terrain is much different than road biking.  We have a mountain bike club at my place of employment with people who are enthusiastic about a series of mountain biking trail races.  
  6. Mountaineering
  7. Skiing - Skiing is the ultimate winter sport. While I only ski about 1X a year, I absolutely love the thrill and experience of being on a snow capped mountain (on a sunny day) and flying down it.  I've been skiing for more than 25 years and my daughter Maddie now loves it too.  We are planning a ski vacation to somewhere known for skiing like Banff or Whistler!
  8. Snowmobiling - One of my goals is to take a long weekend somewhere North in the winter and rent a snowmobile.  
  9. Spelunking (caves) - In my late twenties, my fiancé Kathy and our friends explored a series of caves in an escarpment area within a 30 minute radius of where we live.  Looking back at the pictures, I am surprised we were brave enough to navigate the tight caves and passages that we did.  It was quite the adventure. 
  10. Ziplining - While in Costa Rica about 4 years ago, my wife Kathy and I along with our good friends tried Ziplining for the first time. It was an amazing experience which I would love to do again (and again).

With these land adventures, you can explore locally within your region, or while on vacation in some exotic location.  

Suggested Goal(s):     I will take a ___________ land adventure. 
Your Outrageous Goal:   I will try all of these 10 land adventures.

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