Why is goal setting important?

10 reasons why is goal setting important!

The following are 10 good reasons to why is goal setting important.  This is especially important to learn before you turn 30 and to your overall happiness and financial future!

1.  Eliminate wandering - Without a goal, many of us wander through life with no clear direction or path.  Our destination may end up being good, but many times not.  Why leave it to chance?  How many times have you had a great inspirational idea that you planned on acting on, but didn't.  You might not even remember what that idea was any more.  The solution is goal setting and writing down your goals. 

2. Improve your chances for success - Studies have proven that people with written goals are much more likely to achieve and live a successful life. The truth is that few people have written life goals.  Even fewer review them regularly.  From my own experience, my 100 Life Goals written at the age of 30, has been a driving force for the success achieved in my own personal and family life.   My wife and family are living proof that goal setting works.  Check out my goal track record

3. Auto achievement - Goals will often be achieved by virtue of having written them down and by reviewing them periodically, even with no action plan to achieve them.  There are many books written about the law of attraction and the act of setting a goal in motion through your thoughts. You may not believe it, but many people do. Any many people achieve goals years later that they have written down, but not consciously done anything about.  The subconscious mind works in mysterious ways!

4. You'll feel inspired - It feels great to write down an important goal and through hard work and discipline, achieve it.  It feels even better just to check it off your list.  There are so many things that will inspire you.  For me, reading self-help books and listening to my favourite music are two of the best ways to get inspired. 

5. Have a reason to celebrate - Goals can be celebrated once they are achieved.  Decide in advance how you will celebrate. Instead of feeling guilty about doing something, change that feeling to great satisfaction when you celebrate goal achievement.  Celebration could be treating your self to a great evening out, a nice dinner, a concert, a weekend get away!

6. You'll stay Focused - Goals will keep you focused on what is important in your life, versus falling victim to watching too much TV or time spent doing things that don't carry much meaning.  Watching too much television is the killer of creating and living out the life of no regrets.  

7.  You'll achieve BIG(ger) Goals - Good goals communicated well will inspire other people to help you achieve them.  Much bigger projects and adventures can be achieved when you develop big goals.  There is nothing inspiring about small goals. You don't need to complete your goals all by yourself. Setting really big goals that you are passionate about and inspire others to be passionate about will set the stage for BIG goal achievement!  If you reach for the stars and only hit the moon, you will still be a success!

8. You'll become wealthier - You will earn more money if you are able to achieve goals, whether you work for an employer or for yourself.  People who achieve goals are highly valued in the market place. By focusing on financial goals, you have a much higher likelihood of developing high net worth than if you don't.  With good financial resources (income and networth), you can pursue and achieve more advanced goals related to your lifestyle goals.

9. You'll feel more satisfaction - The personal satisfaction that comes for achieving worthy and fulfilling goals is reward in itself. The feeling that you are wandering in life can result in a lack of confidence and overall feelings that you're not living up to your true potential. I don't know any goal focused people who aren't both confident and have a positive outlook.  

10. Your life will have more purpose - People with a purpose in life feel that they are living a life of purpose. Sounds like double speak, but I love the saying that "the purpose of life is to live a life of purpose". As long as goals are well written and thought out, people who are goal oriented feel a real sense of purpose, something that is missing in many peoples life. 

These 10 reasons are amongst many, answering the key question why is goal setting important.  Can you think of other reasons??

Why learn before age 30?  Because you'll maximize the amount of time to put into action the success habits and principles you'll need to achieve success and your 100 Life Goals! 

Why is goal setting important (in-spite of the low scrabble score . . . ;)

Why is goal setting important and how it can help your life purpose

I've spent much of my life trying to figure out what is my purpose in life.  All the self-help books I read spoke to the importance of goal setting and finding your life passion.   

It took me a long time, but now I realize that my purpose in life is to live a life of purpose. 

For me, that means focusing on achieving my 100 Life Goals.

What could be more purposeful than to take the time to construct 100 personal and worthy life goals that you will spend the rest of your life pursuing?

Helping you live a more inspired life through the 100 Goals Club is my direct aim of this site. 

If this type of thinking appeals to you and feels right, join the 100 Goals Club and I will send you periodic emails and information to help remind you to stay focused on writing out your goals. 

Sometimes just a friendly reminder is all you need.

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Why is goal setting important?Why is goal setting important? . . . so you can plan your travel to amazing destinations like Bora Bora!

This is a picture that my wife Kathy took while in Bora Bora while on an amazing cruise of French Polynesia.  It is surreal!  

Travel is an incredible benefit and reward for really understanding why is goal setting important.


If travel is important to you, write down your travel goals.  If you take goal setting and life goals serious enough and are prepared to to work hard, who knows what you can achieve!

Check out a goal setting blog from Jim Rohn, one of the most influential people in my life who taught me about why is goal setting important!

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If you have any other thoughts or reasons on why is goal setting important to you, please drop me a line at brian@100goalsclub.com and I'll add to this list

Last updated: June 15, 2020