15 - Develop a calm mind . . .  help you live stress free!

Reason for this Goal and calm mind benefits:   A calm mind and being able to control your thoughts by putting it into a calm state every day is one of the best things you can do.   It is the equivalent of exercising your body, but it’s for your mind.   It is especially important if you live a stressful life (and who doesn’t?).          

Calm mind benefits

The benefits of a calm mind include:

  1. Improved focus - you will be able to focus on one task only, something that becomes increasingly difficult in today's world
  2. Lowered heart rate - as you develop a calm mind, it is likely your heart rate will slow as a result.  A lower heart rate is associated with better health
  3. Reduced stress - the desired benefit of a calm mind is an overall reduction in your stress level, something attributed to improved health and longevity

Ways to create a calm mind . . . 

Some ideas for developing a calm mind . . . 

  • Take deep, long breaths -  Breath in through the nose and out through your mouth. There are numerous health studies and recommendations on working on developing your breathing.  While wearing a Fitbit, you can actually see your heart rate decrease while taking deep long breaths.
  • Go for a nature walk -  Fade into your environment, and just listen.  Walk through the forest, near a lake or on a hiking trail. There is nothing like being in nature to help you feel calm.
  • Stop and focus on all your body senses - Focus on your breath, your sense of touch and the feeling of air around your body, your sense of smell, your sense of sight, your sense of hearing, the temperature of your body.  
  • Listen to soft instrumental music - Soft and slow music will instantly make you feel calmer, especially if the music is soothing to you.
  • Join a Yoga class - Yoga is like moving meditation and helps with developing your calm mind.
  • Try progressive muscle relaxation -  Tensing and then releasing your muscles in groups, from your head to your toes, will have a calming effect throughout your body.
  • Practice mindfulness -  Being aware of your thoughts, without judgement will have a calm mind effect.

Suggested Target Goal:  Spend 10 minutes doing practicing one or more of these techniquesdaily, for one year.
Outrageous Goal:  Practice having a calm mind throughout your life.

In my twenties, I learned meditation and Tai Chi through my Karate Sensei.   Daily meditation was common for me back then.  In my thirties, I would go to nature—either a park, forest, or lake—and find time to reflect quietly with a calm mind.  I would also sit in my car, at a park or lake at lunch time, and find this quiet time. 

Now I often take time after my morning exercise to sit and practice one of these relaxation techniques before getting into my morning routine.  It is a great way to start the day.  Start practicing these to receive these calm mind benefits. 

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Last updated: January 25, 2020