27 - Have regular family meetings . . . 
and improve relationships and communications by 10X!

Reason for this Goal . . . to have family meetings:  Businesses find it important, and even essential, to have meetings to discuss important topics that are better discussed face to face.  Your family life is equally and, in fact, more important than your business life, with just as many important things, and decisions to be made that impact your life.    Scheduling or having regular family meetings is a great way to improve communication within your family, and a good way to plan your life and discuss these life goals.

Top 9 things to discuss at your family meetings . . . 

Things to discuss at family meetings include:

  1. Calendar of events for the coming week/month - Keep a family calendar either on-line, in a desktop calendar or on a monthly wall calendar. Figure out what works best for you and update it during your family meeting. 
  2. Family responsibilities and even distribution of chores - This is a big challenge for most families, with usually one person taking on more chores than what should be expected.  Decide on what chores each person will perform, and make it a non negotiable family responsibility.  
  3. Travel schedules of family members - If one or both parents travel, or your older children are travelling for school or sport, let everyone know of upcoming travel. 
  4. Children’s activity schedules  - Children have so many activities to keep track of . . . games, performances, school events.  Ensure everyone knows their schedules at least 1 week in advance and if possible, 1 month in advance!
  5. Weekend planning - It is always good planning to know at the beginning of the week, the events happening on the weekend.  If you are like me, I get excited thinking about the good things planned for the weekend. 
  6. Good things that have happened - Take the opportunity to recognize people in your family that have had good things happen to them.  Recognize the good things and watch the good behaviour continue and grow. 
  7. Any needed areas of improvement - There will always be things in the running of your house hold that need improving, from keeping the house tidy to controlling fighting amongst siblings.   Be constructive and non-critical. Talk openly about the the workload that needs to be better distributed and shared in your family. 
  8. Family vacation planning - Decide months in advance or better yet, at the beginning of the year, when and where you will take your family vacation.  Talk about trip planning in advance and build excitement.
  9. Life goals! - Start talking about your goals with your children at an early age and let them know the things you are working on that are progressing you towards your goals.  

Suggested Goal(s):    Have regular weekly or monthly family meetings.
Your Outrageous Goal:  Have regular monthly family meetings for life.

Choose which family member is best to facilitate this family meeting, and come up with a regular agenda of topics that are discussed each meeting, just like a business meeting.  An informal and fun way to have family meetings is to schedule a weekly family dinner night, in which these topics are discussed while dining out.  

A great series that was on TV in 2010 is Parenthood, based on an American family.  The show features the Braverman clan, consisting of an older couple, their four children and their families living in California, and struggling with the challenges of marriage, raising their children and supporting each other through tough times.  During this show, the family has family meetings and get togethers where they discuss family life.   Some great ideas to check out on this series, available on Netflix and other places.  

Jim Sheils out of Florida specializes in helping busy entrepreneurial families connect with their children through having Family Board meetings.  He has developed a great program and written a book called The Family Board Meeting . . . You have 18 Summers to create lasting connection with your children.   I saw Jim speak at a local real estate investment seminar and he really impressed me with the dedication he has put into the family meeting concept and helping families thrive.

I recommend you check out his site at https://jimsheils.com/home.  

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Last updated:  October 26, 2020