30 - Be a good son, daughter, sibling . . . 
cherish our parents who have dedicated their lives to us.

Reason for this Goal:   Be a good Son and Daughter. Our parents are responsible for bringing us into this world and for dedicating much of their life to raising us. 

It is important that we recognize the importance of our parents throughout our lives, and be there for them, not just while growing up but as they age. 

The same goes for our siblings (brothers and sisters) as we grow up together.   

10 ways for being a good son, daughter or sibling!

Some ideas for being a good son, daughter, or sibling: 

  1. Listen to and respect your parents - Listening and respecting our parents and siblings are the greatest complement we can give them. 
  2. Help them with chores around the house - Maintaining a house is a lot of work. Help your parents as much as you can.
  3. Enjoy family meals together - The families who have the strongest ties eat together, often.  Eat as many meals as you can together, sitting down at the kitchen or dining room table.  The best conversations happen here. 
  4. Honor family traditions - Participate in your families traditions. Not only will they appreciate you, you will develop a greater sense of connection with your family.
  5. Spend time with them for no reason - There is no better reason to spend time with your parents, than for no reason.  Talk and share stories.  Reminisce about the past and your hopes and dreams for the future.  
  6. Learn their history and story of their lives, for future generations - So many people only have a vague idea of their parents history and lives. Make sure you take time to understand your parents history.  See life goal to document your life story for your children. Ensure you include your parents life story too. 
  7. Recognize them on all birthdays, holidays, and special occasions - While some people dismiss these events, everyone appreciates being remembered on special days.
  8. Travel together and enjoy their company - Don't just travel with your friends, travel with your parents too. They will appreciate it more than you know. See travel goals for ideas. 
  9. Involve them in your children’s lives - When you have your own children, ensure that your parents have plenty of opportunities to be present with their grand children. Invite them to your children's special events, whether school related or around their unique interests.   
  10. Support them in their senior years with health and financial needs - In the latter years of life, the needs of your parents will increase, whether associated with their health or their financial needs.  Support them as much as you can. 

Some people develop grievances with their parents and/or siblings, which develop into not seeing them. Work hard to remove any challenges that exist with your parents and siblings so that you can continue to support each other throughout your adult lives.  You only have one family, and it is important for you to recognize and care for them.    At the end of their, and your, life, it is these relationships that are among the most important, and could be the only things that matter.  

Suggested Goal(s):    Have a good relationship with your parents and siblings. Be a good son or daughter.
Your Outrageous Goal:   Be there for your parents and siblings your entire life.

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good sonThis is my mom and dad during their earlier days. They both loved to dance. My father Morley Klodt passed in 2013 after a long healthy life. It is important to me that I be a good son to my mother as she ages (she is currently 90). Fortunately, she lives just a 10 minute walk away so we are able to see each other often.
My Mom in her 90th year. She is in good health for her age and lives in a beautiful retirement home not to far from our family in a beautiful downtown location.

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Last updated: February 19, 2022