59 - Be your own boss . . .
to have more control over your future

Reason for this Goal and how to be a boss:   Being in a position where you have the authority to be the boss is something that many people dream of.  Having control and decision making in your career leads to success for so many people. Freedom, earnings potential, and creating a legacy are all key factors.   

Different ways to be the boss

There are various ways in which you can view yourself as your own boss:

  • Starting your own business
  • Taking over and buying an existing business
  • Being promoted to the CEO or president of a company
  • Being promoted to a senior role in a company, where you have the autonomy to run your business area with minimal oversight

How to be a boss!

Of all the ways on how to be a boss, being promoted to a senior role within a company is the more common way to become boss.  Achieve the following goals from the 100 Life Goals to put yourself in the best position to be promoted . . . 

8 - Develop your communication Skills - Communication Skills are the foundation for success in any career, especially if you are to be the boss

55 - Be a good employee - It all starts here.  If you are a good or better yet, great employee, you will be promoted to a leader in your organization more quickly.

56 - Be a good leader - Once you are a leader in a supervisory or junior management position, you are setting yourself up to be promoted to a more significant leadership role in your company.

57 - Be an expert in something - Being an expert will always put you in a position of being more promotable.

In looking at how to be a boss, if you believe you are capable of starting your own business, make the decision carefully, and then go for it!  In my experience, there are only two ways to become truly wealthy;   either by starting and developing a successful business, or through real estate investing . . . or both!      

When you should be the boss . . . 

 There are a wide range of reasons for when you should start your own business or be your own boss:

  • Following your entrepreneurial instincts early in your career
  •  Once you’ve developed significant expertise in your field
  •  When you’re promoted to a senior position where you’re essentially your own boss, as you’re working for someone who has given you high autonomy to run your business area
  • As part of a side hustle, in addition to holding a regular job (anytime within your working life)
  • Towards the end of your career, later in life, as part of a retirement strategy and to pursue one of your passions

While starting your own business could be viewed as the ultimate freedom, it is not for everyone and needs to be carefully considered.  It will take great discipline to live your 100 Life Goals while also running your own business. It may be that you are best in starting a side-business while employed in a career. 

Suggested Goal(s):    Research ways on how to be a boss and become your own boss.
Your Outrageous Goal:    Develop a business into a multimillion dollar business.

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Last updated: February 3. 2020