Personal affirmations to transform your life

It is true that saying your personal affirmations daily will transform your life.  I know, because I have been using personal affirmations for more than 25 years.

As a student of my Karate teacher back in the 1980's, I attended a special seminar called "Master Key", which presented the secrets to living a successful life.  One of the golden nuggets that I pulled a way from that seminar, became a major transformational personal affirmation. 

Here it is . . . 

I am Happy, Healthy, Wealthy and Wise. 

Short, simple, comprehensive and easy to remember. The easier an affirmation is to remember and repeat, the more likely you are to use it.

I repeat this affirmation frequently, while I am:

  • Excercising
  • Jogging 
  • Bicycling
  • Walking
  • Stressing
  • Before falling asleep
  • During my power hour

You get the idea.  Positive affirmations are meant to be used frequently and repeatedly.  

Do they work?  YES!

I love this affirmation so much that I designed my life around it, with a color coded filing system to organize my life with 

  • Happy Goals
  • Healthy Goals
  • Wealthy Goals
  • Wise Goals

I even created a colourized coding system for these goals

  • BLUE - The colour of happiness for me (spending time around blue water and blue skies)
  • RED - The colour for healthy blood 
  • GREEN - The colour of money (in most countries)
  • WHITE or GREY - White represents the presence of all colours in a spectrum of light, representing wisdom.  Grey represents the colour of hair in older (experienced) people.  Older people hold an abundance of wisdom. 

Positive affirmations and specifically "I am Happy, Healthy, Wealthy and Wise" has been so significant to me, that is was the inspiration for painting our four heritage homes on our street in Burlington Ontario these four colours. To be honest, I was a bit reserved about doing this when I first thought of the idea!  Bold move for sure.

More importantly, internalizing and saying this personal affirmation thousands of times throughout my life could be one of the secrets that led to my wife and I owning an entire street!  Before this affirmation and writing our life goals, we had no idea how we would create the wealth in our life.  Plant the seed through these use of positive affirmations, now!

personal affirmationsMy personal affirmation "I am Happy, Healthy, Wealthy and Wise" was used as inspiration for painting our four heritage homes blue, red, green and grey. We rendered our houses before actually painting them, playing with different colour schemes. In the end, my affirmation colours won!
We chose historical colours. Now we are known as the couple with the colourful houses, inspired by the "Painted Ladies", the most famous painted historical houses in San Francisco.

Personal affirmations for your 100 Life Goals

To supercharge your success in all of the 10 life areas, set personal affirmations for each of these 10 life categories at 100 Goals Club.

Here they are:

Personal Development

  • I am a serious student of success 
  • I live a goal inspired life
  • I am a person with high self integrity and a passionate enthusiasm for life
  • I welcome happiness in my life
  • I choose to be happy today and everyday
  • I am brave, bold and beautiful
  • Today is going to be a great day
  • I am talented and intelligent
  • I am becoming more confident every day
  • I stick with things and don't give up easily
  • When I don't succeed right away, I try again
  • I was born to learn

Health and Fitness

  • I am a person full of energy and vitality
  • I exercise daily
  • I am happy, healthy, wealthy and wise
  • I love my body as it is today

Family and Friends

  • I am an unconditionally loving husband and close friend
  • I am a nurturer of high self esteem 
  • I love my wife, I love my life.
  • I am likeable and fun to be around

Hobbies and Passions

  • I am a music lover who appreciates music through listening, playing and entertaining


  • I am happy, healthy, wealthy and wise
  • I am the master of my own money
  • I have finances capable of achieving all of my goals
  • I am worthy of having more wealth
  • Financial freedom is my birthright
  • My net worth is growing exponentially
  • I am a thriving and wealthy person
  • There is plenty of money to go around
  • My life is full of prosperity and abundance


  • I am highly motivated and achieve meaningful results


  • I create my own life adventures
  • I will live my WOW life


  • I travel the world for enjoyment and wisdom


  • I have an amazing lifestyle 
  • I am an owner of a home which inspires successful living
  • I buy quality things that last forever
  • I am grateful for what I have

Leaving a Legacy

  • I am a student of life, love, learning and legacy
  • I am a proud, wise and giving Canadian
  • I will create a lasting legacy

Take the time to write your own personal affirmations.  Memorize them, internalize them and repeat them daily.  This will create lasting impact in your life and put you in a positive state to achieve your goals and success.

Repeat the following affirmation 10X and see if this is something that you wish to add to your list of personal affirmations!

I am happy, healthy, wealthy and wise!

The Magic of Thinking Big: Create your own commercial

One of the best self-help books of all time is the Magic of Thinking Big by David Joseph Schwartz, Ph.D.  

In his book, he talks about the importance of building yourself up every day to overcome all of the negative self-talk.  He goes as far to say that we should build ourself a "Sell Yourself to Yourself". commercial, that we say out loud to ourself once a day, and read multiple times.

From page 114 of this book, he provides a personalized commercial for Tom Staley entitled "Tom Staley's 60-Second commercial":

Tom Staley, meet Tom Staley - an important, a really important person.  Tom, you're a big thinker, so think big.  Think Big about Every thing.  You've got plenty of ability to do a first-class job so do a first class job.

Tom, you believe in Happiness, Progress, and Prosperity.  

so: talk only Happiness.  Talk only Pgrogress, talk only Prosperity.  

You have lots of drive. Tom, lots of drive. 

So put that drive to work.  Nothing can stop you Tom, nightie. Tom, you're enthusiastic. Let your enthusiasm show through

You look good. Tom, and you feel good.  Stay that way.  

Tom Staley, you were a great fellow yesterday and you're going to be an even greater fellow today.  Now go to it. Tom.  Go forward.

Imagine how you'd go through the day if you created a commercial (personal affirmation) like this and repeated it to yourself every day!  Powerful stuff!

This book is one of the best self help books of all time.  Buy and read it and learn so much more about personal affirmations and thinking big!

Good reference sites:

For some of the best personal affirmations on the web, check out the Developing Good Habits website for more than 1,000 personal affirmations . . . Developing Good Habits/Personal  

Send me your best personal affirmations to and I'll be sure to add them here.

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Last updated: August 4, 2020