Personal life coaching you can do here. 

The 100 Goals Club is a place you can start on your journey for personal life coaching as you look to design your life and make the right choices to live your best life.  After reviewing the recommended 100 Life Goals, start assessing the 10 areas in your life and decide if there are areas where you need to improve your focus.   The 10 goals in each of these categories are designed and listed in a typical order of progression that one could go through in your life, starting with easier goals and building. It is possible that before seeking personal life coaching from a professional life coach, you can use this site to guide your own self development. 

1.       Personal Development

2.   Health and Fitness

3.       Family and Friends

4.       Hobbies and Passions

5.       Financial

6.    Career

7.       Adventure

8.   Travel

9.       Lifestyle

10.   Leaving a Legacy

Finding a mentor who is someone you would like to learn from or be like can help you enormously in becoming the person you want to be, much quicker than on your own.       

Raymond Aaron has multiple mentors for each of the key areas in his life.  He also provides personal life coaching services to his clients for a fee.  Raymond Aaron is a NY Times Best Selling Author and co-author of two Chicken Soup for the Soul Series.  I am a student of his monthly mentor goal setting program.  My book 100 Life Goals is published through his 10-10-10 publishing company.  

The most successful people who have achieved greatness all have mentors; why not you?    The easiest way to find a mentor is to go to the self-help section of your local book store, and find an author whom you connect with through their books and teachings.  

You can also look to the people you know, approach one of them whom you believe in, and ask them if they’d be interested in mentoring you.   Most people, regardless of their level of success, would be flattered as most never get asked.  

There are also people with professions, such as a Life Coach, who can mentor you on what you need to do.   Potential areas for which you need mentors include all the core areas for the 10 goal areas recommended by the 100 Goals Club 

  1. a personal development mentor 
  2. a health or fitness mentor
  3. a relationship mentor
  4. a mentor for your single most important hobby
  5. a financial mentor
  6. a career mentor
  7. a travel mentor
  8. an adventure mentor
  9. a lifestyle mentor
  10. a mentor who can guide you in developing your giving back and legacy goals

Some of the most successful people have multiple mentors and coaches . . .  for all the important areas in their life.

Another means to help in goal accountability is to create your own mentorship group of likeminded individuals interested in personal growth.  You could agree to meet monthly or quarterly, where you will each discuss the areas of your life that you are working on, including specific goals and timelines. 

Knowing that you will be meeting to discuss your progress will give you a heightened level of awareness and accountability towards your goals, in addition to valuable feedback from your group. 

Personal life coaching

I am an average guy who accessed the self help field and was inspired by goal setting to establish 100 Life Goals for my life at the age of 30. I continue to read self help books and attend personal development seminars to help me to live a goal inspired life.   I have achieved approximately 80 of the 100 goals listed on this site and it is my life's mission to complete all 100 before I die.

Use the 100 Goals Club to help coach yourself, using these 100 successful life strategies as a guide to design your perfect life.   

If you believe that a personal life coach would help you in your life's pursuit, I encourage you to find one.   I am not a trained or certified life coach.  It is my plan to connect with professional life coaches and provide their contact information here.  

If you believe that I can help you in any way in the areas of goal setting and achievement, please contact me to start a dialogue.  You can reach out at 

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