16 - Learn how to prepare healthy meals . . . 

Reason to prepare healthy meals: There are few things more satisfying than to make good food and enjoy a great meal prepared at home using your own hands and your own favourite recipes.  With the rise of obesity and health issues around the world, more people are resorting to eating prepared foods and fast food restaurant meals. It is becoming more important to develop the habit to make good food and prepare healthy meals at home. 

Eating home cooked meals with your family, around the family dinner table, is an important part of raising a successful family; and, done in a healthy manner, contributes to improving the overall health for you and your family.

Top ideas to prepare healthy meals and make good food at home!

Some thoughts around learning how to prepare healthy meals . . . 

  1. Take a course on how to cook and prepare meals - Sign up for cooking lessons.   When we were on vacation in Cozumel Mexico, my wife and I signed up for a class on learning to make home made salsa.  Sadly, this was my first formal cooking class.  But my goal is to take more!
  2. Visit a natural health store that offers lessons on food preparation and healthy eating - Many health stores have classes you can sign up for. 
  3. Purchase recipe books or visit on-line sites from leading chefs you admire - Most of the top chefs in the world have published their own cook books.  Jamie Oliver has restaurants around the world, and cook books too!  Visit his site at Jamie Oliver.com.  
  4. Watch TV programs on food networks - Watch one of the many TV shows on the food network.
  5. Make a list of your favourite foods that will form the basis of your meals - Create your own recipe books with your favourite family recipes.  Pass this down to your children and create a food legacy of family meals from generation to generation!
  6. Create your own recipe books - Make your own recipe books of your favourite ways to prepare healthy meals and foods to pass down your kids and future generations.  
  7. Subscribe to one of the home delivery programs - We recently signed up for the home delivery program offered by Make Good Food.  Once a week we receive the food we need to prepare great recipes, with all of the food pre-portioned (no waste), including any spices and special ingredients.  Looks like we will continue with this service.  Our daughter is also subscribed to this service and loving it. 

We recently signed up for "Make Good Food" home delivery program and are loving it!

My wife, Kathy, also prepares great meals at home for our family and loves trying new recipes to keep food interesting.  One of my daughters has also developed an interest in preparing healthy meals, too, as part of eating well.  

In reviewing this book, 100 Life Goals, it was at the recommendation of my family that I replace one of my top 10 health and fitness goals, with this goal dedicated to learning how to cook.  I instantly knew they were right.

Suggested Target Goal:  Learn how to prepare healthy meals for your family.
Outrageous Goal:   Prepare and publish a family cookbook, with recipes of your family’s top 25 favourite family meals. 

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Last updated: May 12, 2020