84 - Buy high quality stuff . . .
make quality purchases that will last!

Reason for this Goal:   Quality Purchases - We live in a world where much of what is produced is of low quality.  When you buy high quality stuff, not only does it work and make you feel better to own it, it will also last longer and be less expensive in the long run because you won’t need to replace it as often. 

Examples of quality purchases . . . 

Examples of how quality purchases could apply to your life:

  • Own half the number of really good clothes, whether you’re talking about shirts, skirts, or shoes.   
  • Buy furniture made from solid wood vs. furniture you assemble yourself.
  • Buy quality plumbing fixtures for your home as they need replacing.
  • Own one really good watch instead of several average watches.
  • Buy one great quality outdoor patio set that will last 20 or more years, versus a set you will replace after 3–5 years.
  • Buy a high quality vehicle that has a high reliability record for low maintenance costs. - Some premium luxury car brands design their vehicles to maximize maintenance costs once the warranty has expired. 

Things to look for in finding high quality stuff

  1. Research the company producing the products - Companies have reputations about their quality.  Generally companies that make high quality goods make all their products of high quality. 
  2. Look for products with good reviews - Look at reviews on the product and ratings given by users of the product. Reviews are a fantastic way to learn if others are satisfied with their purchase and often they will speak to the quality of the product in their review. 
  3. Don't assume the higher priced product is higher quality - While it might be logical to assume a higher priced product is of higher quality, this is not always the case.  Products made in countries with higher cost labor rates may not be of better quality.  
  4. Look for products made of materials that are longer lasting - Many products are made of materials that rust or wear out quicker than other materials.  I generally look for products that are made of high quality metals like aluminum, galvanized metal that won't rust.  In terms of wood, selecting wood that is naturally resistant to rot is preferable to soft woods such as pine, especially if the product is for exterior use.  We had our deck made out of a Brazilian hardwood called IPE, which is very weather resistant naturally and is aging beautifully. 
  5. Avoid products made out of cheap plastic - Cheap plastic never lasts and you'll need to replace your products because they've worn out, broke or deteriorated.  
  6. Avoid products made of particle board - If I can help it, I will always buy products made out of solid real wood versus particle or laminated wood.  They simply last longer and are stronger . . . in most cases.  There are some specialty products that are exceptions though.
  7. Learn the lingo - Most products have certain terms to describe the product's characteristics or specifications. Do some research to find out if there are certain specifications, testing or standards that relate to a higher quality product. 

Suggested Goal(s):    Develop the habit of making quality purchases and buy high quality stuff.
Your Outrageous Goal:   Develop the habit of buying high quality stuff, and maintain this habit for life.

Research your purchases before making them, to make the best decisions. If you can, buy quality stuff that is made locally.   

I have had an annual membership to consumer reports for many years and find it helpful to see what research has been done on a product or item before I make my final decision.   

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Last updated: December 29, 2019