91 - Keep a life journal

Reason for this Goal and reasons to journal:  Keeping a life journal is one of the best things you can do to record, in written word, things in your life that you’ve done, and things that you’ve experienced and thought throughout your life.

One of my favorite times to reflect on my journal is when I travel.  I'll take a past journal book that I haven't looked at for a while. While relaxing in a private natural setting like a beach or park, I'll pull out my journal and read it. I often get re-inspired to connect with ideas for goals that I had previously written about. 

Imagine, when you die, you will have a physical asset that your children and future generations will be able to read and remember you by . . . in your own physical written word, as part of your legacy.    

Top reasons to journal

  1. Track important events - Journalling helps you in the present to record what it is that is important in your life. 
  2. Capture ideas - Capture ideas for the future to inspire you, before you forget them!
  3. Don't trust your memory - If your memory is like mine, I've learned that anything worth remembers is worth writing down.
  4. Create a permanent record - When you pass away, imagine the valuable legacy you will create by having a journal of your life that will get passed down to future generations. 
  5. Hold yourself accountable - Track daily commitments that you've made to do things like exercise, meditate, eat healthy.   Writing down your progress holds you accountable for keeping up your good habits.

10 Topics for your life journal

Things that I record in my own life journal, and you may consider for yours, include:

  1. The most significant 1 or 2 things I’ve accomplished each day
  2. The type of exercise and duration of exercise (this holds me accountable, knowing that I document it each day)
  3. Special events I’ve attended or places I’ve visited
  4. New people that I’ve met, with their names
  5. Ideas that have popped into my head that I want to look back on
  6. Significant expenses or purchases I’ve made
  7. Friends or family that I’ve spent time with
  8. Actions taken towards my goals
  9. Where we went for date night
  10. Gifts I’ve received or given on special occasions, like birthdays
  11. Thoughts or feelings that I wish to later reflect on

Initially, I made periodic entries into my life journal whenever the mood struck me.  Now it’s daily.  A journal holds you accountable for your life and to your goal achievement.   It provides a back up to your memory to remember important things.   It provides a place to record your thoughts, goals, inspirations, and ideas.    It is also something that you leave behind that will be part of your legacy when you pass.    There is magic in the written word. One of the many important reasons to journal!

Entries from my life journal

Below is an entry from my journal more than 15 years ago which I wrote, forgot about and ultimately was one of the early inspirations from which the 100 Goals Club was created. 

December 14, 2002

Life Purpose?

While sitting in a Santa Rosa Hilton hotel room, contemplating life purpose, I've had a revelation. Wouldn't it be great if there was a place parents could bring kids to learn important life skills like:

  • self defence
  • nutrition and fitness
  • money principles
  • public speaking
  • self confidence
  • reading
  • goal setting
  • seminars by local successful people
  • keeping a journal

What if I was the first person to introduce this idea in the form of a club . . . 

P.S.  Write a book before launching this!

Photograph of the life journal I recorded the above entry. I have several journals which I write in.

I started keeping random journal entries, over 15 years ago, and more recently, daily entries, about 2 years ago. 

My memory is not the greatest, so I really appreciate having a written journal I can look back on to reflect and remember some of the key events in my life.

Suggested Goal(s):    Write daily entries into a journal for 1 year.

Your Outrageous Goal:  Write daily entries into a journal for your entire life.

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Last updated: February 3, 2020