92 - Make a difference in the world -
proven ways to make a difference with your life!

Reason for this Goal and ways to make a difference: One of the greatest philosophies is to “leave the world a better place than when you arrived.”   It's true that people who find ways to improve other people's life feel more satisfaction in their own life.  During your epitaph, wouldn’t it be fitting for people to acknowledge that you did something good that made a positive difference in this world.  

The world is a small or big place, depending upon how you view it, due to globalization and how interconnected we all are. It is easier than ever to make a difference in this world on a large scale and have a massive impact.  

Ways to make a difference . . . 

Below are some ways to make a difference and things that you could do that would make an impact on this world.

  1. Work for a company that sells products around the globe - Some companies make real and positive impacts in peoples lives.  Start or belong to such a company. 
  2. Support an environmental cause - Our environment is one of the biggest priorities that man kind has and supporting environmental causes can have far-reaching impacts.
  3. Develop a new product or service - When designing new products and services, find ways to make them more environmentally friendly.   Develop products that help people live a better life. 
  4. Volunteer in a 3rd world country - Help build a house or bring water to a community that didn’t exist before. Help children and adults learn to do things that make a difference in their communities.  
  5. Sponsor a child - There are organizations around the world that help thousands of children from impoverished countries.  Sponsorship helps them with life essentials and preventing life threatening diseases.
  6. Write a book - There are numerous benefits of writing a book and positive messages and knowledge that you can pass along and inspire others. 

Suggested Goal(s):    Determine what it is that you will do, by which you will leave the world a better place for having lived . . . and then do it.
Your Outrageous Goal:    Do something globally that has the potential to impact millions of people around the world.    

I work for a global company that seeks to create a safer world by selling technology that helps find missing people, protects law enforcement and civilians, and deters illegal border crossings and terrorism, while protecting our troops abroad.    

At the time of writing this book, I’d been reading a book called, Abundance . . . The Future is Better Than You Think.   The authors really understand ways to make a difference and are encouraging people to get involved in projects that have the potential to impact millions (and billions) of people around the world through advances in artificial intelligence, robotics, nanomaterials, synthetic biology, and other exponentially growing technologies.  Reading this book may change your view on our future world.   

In writing and promoting the 100 Goals Club, it is my hope that I will inspire you to write down your goals and live a more fulfilling life so that you will achieve goals that you wouldn’t have otherwise achieved.

Research ways to make a difference. Find a cause or mission that has far-reaching impacts on our world and our planet.  

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Last updated: February 16, 2020