98 - Write your life story - 
record this for the next generation in your family!

Reason for this Goal to write your life story:    While I’ve written about goals to keep a journal and to write a book, these may not adequately document what you’d like to say and record about your life, documented for your children, your grandchildren, and further down the generational line.   Genealogy is becoming one of the most popular hobbies.  There have never been more forms to record your life story, and I suspect that with the coming prevalence of Artificial Intelligence (AI), your entire life may be documented automatically for you!

What do document when you write your life story . . . 

Things that are worthy of documenting and writing about with your life experiences include:

  • The major milestones of your life - Key dates associated with your key milestones like when you graduated from high school . . . secondary school . . . when you started your different jobs . . . when you met your partner . . and so much more.
  • The things in life that inspire you - Many keep the things that inspire them to themselves. Let your friends and family know what is your true inspiration, where it is music, nature, art . . . 
  • The things in life that bother you - What are your pet peeves that drive you crazy?  It would be great for your children to know this!
  • Your goals - When you write down your life goals, keep a copy somewhere safe that your children will see some day.  This is very personal and will give deep insight into who you are (were).
  • Your favourite memories and stories - So much of history is documented through the telling of stories. It is the stories that are unique to you that are most likely to be passed down through generations.  Write them down so that they will be told / communicated accurately!
  • Your best friends - Document your best friends.  Make it easy for your children to contact your friends and the children of your friends somewhere down the road. This is an important part of your legacy.  
  • The highlights of your career - Write down what you consider to be the most important part of your career, the place where you spend the majority of your life. Many of us know so little about our parents careers.   
  • What you consider your major achievements and successes - While it may be obvious, this will tell a lot about what you consider to be your successes versus what others may think.  
  • Your favourite music (bands, songs, lyrics, etc.) -  Document these. Music can be such an important part of people's lives.   With today's focus on electronic media, your music preferences and loves could be lost forever if you don't find a way to communicate this. 
  • Your favourite places - Your children, grand children and great grand children will love to visit the places that you cherished.   
  • Your favourite restaurants -  Restaurants are another special place that people love to go and know that they are eating in the place that you held dear to you.
  • Your regrets - Hopefully not to many, but communicate what you regret not doing in your life. This is a huge teaching moment that your children can learn from.  

Write down a life goal to document and write your life story

Knowing that someday you will document your life will inspire you to live your best life!   Use a combination of the written word, photographs, and video content.   

Suggested Goal(s):    Document and write your life story.
Your Outrageous Goal:   Write an autobiography about your life.

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Last updated: February 16, 2020