67 - Take a water adventure . . . 
and experience water life in a way that thrills you!

Reason for adventures on the water goals:   Activities associated with bodies of water (lakes, rivers, oceans) are some of the most fantastic things you can do.  There is something special about being around water that brings a sense of tranquility and adventure at the same time. 

Learning to swim, of course, is an important life skill; and anything to do with water is to be done with respect while taking the requisite precautions (i.e. life jackets).  Following are some ideas for water adventures.  Doing these in a special location/destination makes it more of an adventure, but they can also be done close to home, assuming you live near a source of water that supports it.

10 adventures on the water you should consider adding to your life goal list!

Adventures on the water for you to experience!

  1. Canoeing, kayaking, rowing
  2. Jet skiing - The first time I tried jet skiing, I was absolutely amazed at how fast you feel like you are going.  What a great way to skim across your favourite body of water!
  3. Kite surfing - From our cottage, I marvel at people who kite surf.  This takes real practice I'm sure.
  4. Sail boating - One of my greatest water adventure's was travelling on a small sail boat across Lake Ontario over night, arriving at a marina in downtown Toronto.  While owning a sail boat is not on my wish list, I look forward to taking a sail boat water adventure when ever we travel.
  5. Swimming a large body of water - One of my original 100 goals was to swim the distance of crossing one of the largest lakes, Lake Ontario.  Not at one time though.  Every time I swam, I would swim laps in the body of water and record the approximate distance that I travelled. In doing so, I experienced swimming in many large bodies of water (lakes and oceans), while improving my swimming skills.
  6. Snorkeling in an exotic location - Snorkeling is one of the only ways to see marine life below the surface of the water. While experiencing our travel goals, we frequently take or rent snorkel gear to see the fish and coral life.  Maui has some of the best snorkelling we've seen.
  7. Surfing - My two daughters have both taken surfing lessons while on vacation in Maui.  They both loved it.  Just be sure to cover up as the sun can burn you if you are not careful.
  8. Water skiing - Attempting to stand-up for the first (or second time) while water skiing can be a real challenge.  But once you are up, hang on for dear life and enjoy the ride!  
  9. White water rafting - In my younger days, my friends and I took an incredible white water rafting trip that I still think about to this day.  I remember jumping out of the raft at one point and swiftly floating down the river in the current.   I plan to do this again some day! 
  10. Wind surfing -  I've tried wind surfing and wasn't that successful.  I envy those people that can wind surf as it looks like the ultimate water adventure.   

Suggested Goal:  Plan and take a water adventure around 1 of these activities.
Your Outrageous Goal:    Try all of these adventures on the water. 

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Last updated: December 11, 2019