69 - Create your own adventure . . . live life on your own terms!

Reason for this Goal:  Why create your own adventure . . . why not?   While life should be considered the ultimate adventure, create at least one serious mini adventure that you completely architect yourself.

My first draft of this goal was an adventure goal to travel to outer space, as the next frontier beyond earth.   While I believe that, in my lifetime, this may be a realistic goal due to exponential technology and people like Elon Musk, my daughter cautioned me against establishing this as one of the 100 Lifetime Goals.  Before that, I had written of a speed adventure, as many like to seek speed thrills. But this may also have limited appeal. 

Instead, I’m leaving this adventure goal entirely open, as we all have different and unique ideas on adventure, which I may not have already written about. 

10 Ideas to create your own adventure

To stimulate some further ideas, I provide the following to provide some jump-off points for you:   

  • Explore the great Pyramid of Giza, or hanging gardens of Babylon, two of the top 7 wonders of the ancient world.

  • Have a speed adventure - Ride on the world’s fastest bullet train. Drive the autobahn in Germany, with no posted speed limits.  There are many ways to meet your need for speed that you can create your own adventure around. 

  • Live in a foreign country for 1 month or 1 year - What greater way to experience the culture of a country by actually living there for more than the traditional 1-2 weeks that most people experience while on vacation.

  • Backpack through Europe, staying in hostels - Most thought of as a post university experience, why not consider this type of travel for people of any age.  It represents affordable travel compared to staying in hotels and is another great way to learn about a country.

  • Vacation on a private island in the middle of nowhere - There are lots of ways to do this.  In my twenties, my friend and I went camping and found an isolated small island that was only accessible by canoe.  Now, I'd be more inclined to find a private island with a single home or cottage on it, listed on Air BNB.  

  • Take a float plane to a remote destination - If you are an avid outdoorsman, live it up by chartering a float plane to a small lake that has a rustic camp or lodge near by.  Fish, hunt, swim.   

  • Explore an ancient civilization

  • Take a shuttle into outer space or to Mars  - Plan big.  Not currently possible, but just wait!.  

One of our life goals was take our family on an exploration trip across Canada. We bought the board game "Canadapoly", based on the popular Monopoly game. We visited most of the sites featured on the Canadaopoly game board, while travelling all the way across Canada. Shown here is the Fortess of Louisbourg, a National Historic Site of Canada. Create your own adventure!

The opportunities are literally endless.   Decide what lifetime adventure you aspire to achieve, and set a goal to achieve it.  

Suggested Goal(s):  Create your own adventure and design it uniquely for you and your loved ones.
Your Outrageous Goal:   Create and fulfill multiple personalized adventures.

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