Your life adventure awaits.  Start planning.

The 100 Goals Club is the place for you to think seriously about what life adventure awaits you.  If you think about all of the most interesting and successful people you know, they all have a major life adventure that makes them unique.  

If you are truly honest with yourself, wouldn't you like to create adventure in your own life.  What is it you'd like to do?  What would you like to be known for? 

Life adventures to create your "WOW" life

Life is not a spectator sport.  Life is a gift and with it comes possibilities to chart your own life path, design your life and create your own unique and memorable life adventures, both big and small.  

Following are some great ideas on creating your own unique life adventures . . . 

  • Launch a new product that helps people
  • Travel to the worlds most beautiful places
  • Take an underwater adventure in Bora Bora
  • Climb a mountain
  • Earn your first million dollars
  • Teach children or youth something that they need to know
  • Start your own business and sell it to a large multi national corporation
  • Drive your dream car on the autobahn
  • Hike through redwood forests in California
  • Ride your bicycle or motor cycle across the country
  • Raise a family that has fun together and respects each other
  • Swim every major body of water in your country
  • Skydive from an airplane 
  • Create a lasting legacy that survives generations after you pass

 The 100 Goals Club will help you . . . 

The 100 Goals Club is a site to help develop specific life goals and strategies so that you can . . . 

  1. Plan your life. Live your plan.

  2. Plan Your Life Adventures.

  3. Create your life adventures!

  4. Own your life.

  5. Find your life purpose.

  6. Chart your life path.

  7. Plan your legacy.

  8. Develop strategies for your happy life.

  9. Educate you on important life skills they don’t teach at school.

  10. Create excitement for living the life you were meant to live

What is your life adventure?

We've been fortunate to have lived a life full of amazing adventures with unique and memorable experiences.   Often the best way to think about your own hopes and dreams is to read about others life stories and adventures which may inspire thoughts and ideas on how to life your own life.  The following is meant to do just that.   Below are some life adventures from my own life that may inspire you in certain areas of your own life.  My plan is to develop this site to include life adventures of hundreds of amazing people who've each  done something very special in their life. 

Create your own unique and amazing life adventure! Visit the 100 Goals Club often for inspiration.

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Last Updated:  September 16, 2019