68 - Take underwater aqua adventures

Reason for this Goal for an aqua adventure:  Since we’ve established goals in the air, on land, and on the water, it’s only natural we take this one step further and set an underwater goal.  There is an entirely different world underwater, which is foreign to most of us but must be experienced at some point in our life.  Scientists report that 95% of the world’s oceans have yet to be explored. 

Some examples of underwater aqua adventures are:

  • Scuba diving
  • Sea walk
  • Snuba
  • Submarine
  • Underwater photography and videography
  • Underwater scooter/aquabike
  • Underwater resort or restaurant

The best time to take these adventures is while on your dream vacation!  Whether you are travelling to Hawaii, Bora Bora or the Caribbean, plan your water excursions early and sign up.  

Suggested Goal:  Plan and take an adventure around 1 of these activities.
Your Outrageous Goal:    Try all of these water adventures. 

My most recent and memorable underwater experience was while celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary on a French Polynesian cruise, where we booked an underwater scooter adventure in Bora Bora, on what they called a 2-seater aquabike.    The experience was incredible. 

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About to be submerged in the waters off Bora Bora in a submersible 2-seater aqua bike

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Last updated: November 14, 2019