23 - Treat your partner as a VIP . . . one of your top relationship goals to keep your love strong!

Reason for this Goal:    Relationship goals . . .  when you first meet your significant other, you both put your best foot forward; as you are deeply in love, you treat each other with high levels of respect, admiration, and kindness.  You listen to each other attentively.   You also celebrate and appreciate the differences you share (opposites attract).   

As you progress through your relationship or marriage, many lose focus on what brought them together in the first place.  The same level of admiration and attention dwindles, and you start wanting the other person to be more like yourself.   Relationships suffer.  All relationships take work and effort to stay strong. 

Once you’ve made the decision that this person is your life partner (often resulting in marriage), you are making the commitment that they are the most important person in your life.  They need to be treated that way, as if they are a VIP . . . Very Important Person

Recognize the reality of what happens in many relationships, with over a third of marriages ending in divorce.   Decide that you aren’t going to end up in that statistic and, more importantly, decide that you will maintain an excellent relationship throughout. 

Make a bold decision that your life partner will be, and will remain, your most important person throughout your life.   Back it up daily with the way you interact with each other.   Continue to do the things that you did when you were courting each other. 

Relationship goals and examples of the "VIP treatment"!

Some examples on VIP treatment include:

  • Establish a regular date night - See life goal to establish a regular date night.  This is one of the best things you can do to keep your relationship exciting.  Hold this date sacred and don't miss it for anything other than an emergency, especially not work.  

  • Listen and really talk to each other - There is no better expression of love than truly listening to each other intently by giving full attention to your partner.  I am guilty of not doing this all the time as I suspect many of us are.  Try to catch your self when you are doing this.  It's just plain lazy and not respectful. 

  • Encourage your partner to pursue their own hobbies and passions (see separate goal section) - You partner will have interests that are different than your own and you should embrace that, even if they are vastly different.  Why do many people think you need to have all the same interests. That's boring!  

  • Encourage your partner to have their own friends - It is great to have your own mutual friends.  It's also great for your partner to have their own friends.  Encourage your partner to spend time with their friends even if they do things that you have little interest in.  

  • Read books and develop your own relationship guidelines - There are hundreds of books that you can read on improving your relationship goals.  Why not buy and read a book that speaks to you and your partner.  Read "Secrets of Happy Relationships" by Jenny Hare . . . 

Latest book on happy relationships I purchased in 2018, by author Jenny Hare. Excellent book and easy to read . . . 50 techniques to stay in love
This is my beautiful wife Kathy on our wedding day (1991). During my wedding speech, I committed to her that we would live a life of happiness, health, wealth and wisdom. This was inspired by the the mantra I learned from my Karate Sensei which I often repeat to myself "I am happy, healthy, wealthy and wise"). Kathy is the most important VIP in my life!

Suggested Goal(s):   I will treat my spouse/partner as a very important person (VIP).  
Your Outrageous Goal:  Same as above for your entire life.  

Of all the life goals, relationship goals are of utmost importance to keep our loved ones feeling loved. 

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