76 - Enjoy an all inclusive vacation . . . to relax stress free!

Reason for this Goal:   An all inclusive vacation is a great way to vacation, especially in your early years as a young adult, when controlling the amount you spend on a vacation is important.  With one fee, an all inclusive vacation will cover the costs of your airfare, transfer between airport and resort, accommodations, food, and drinks.   It’s a stress-free vacation to go somewhere and not need to worry about travelling between multiple locations and attractions, where you can relax at a beautiful oceanfront beach resort. 

Top countries for an all inclusive vacation!

A list of some of the countries that feature a wide variety of all-inclusive, affordable resorts include:

  • Antigua, Bahamas, Barbados
  • Costa Rica, Cuba
  • Dominican Republic
  • Mexico
  • Panama

At these all inclusive vacation resorts, there are a wide variety of included amenities for swimming, lounging, water sports, excursions, dining, and nightly entertainment.  

8 reasons to take an all inclusive vacation

All inclusive vacations are:

  1. Among the most affordable types of vacations you can take
  2. Perfect for novice travelers aren't experienced with navigating through large cities
  3. Easy to book through a travel agent
  4. Ideal for those wanting to maximize their time on a beach and partaking in water sports
  5. A great way to meet other people, who all have similar reasons to be there as you
  6. Great for destination weddings and inviting your close friends and family to celebrate with you
  7. Perfect for having the most "down-time" to relax and read great books by the pool side or under a cabana
  8. The best vacations for younger people as an introductory way to launch into travel

For me, my first serious vacations were to all inclusive resorts in the Caribbean, during my twenties. The countries we visited were Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and Cuba.  Costs were affordable and the experiences memorable. I proposed to my wife, Kathy, at one of these resorts, in Cuba. 

I also had my first diving experience in Jamaica, after taking just a 30-minute introductory class in the resort pool (not recommended; more training required).  People who learn to dive the correct way invest significant time into training and practice before ever going out on their first dive.  

Our last all inclusive vacation was to Costa Rica, a four star resort which included some of the most amazing pools, restaurants and experiences that we've had to date while on vacation. We went with two great friends of ours and would love to return some day to experience it all again. 

A view of our dining hall at the last All Inclusive vacation we took in 2016 (Costa Rica)
This photo was taken during our 2016 trip to Costa Rica and shows the available tour options typical of being at an all inclusive destination!

If you've never taken an all inclusive vacation, start planning one.   If you have taken one before and you enjoy this type of vacation, starting planning your next one!

Suggested Goal(s):    Take an all inclusive vacation somewhere hot.
Your Outrageous Goal:   Take an all inclusive vacation every year.

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Last updated: December 19, 2019